Lets Clean Up this Planet

I think the US could do more to be sure this planet is good to and for their people, and to the planet. I believe this whole planet should be held in the highest regard to take care of the Planet, animals, people, water, and land. When we don't then reprimand. I can tell you now there is not one country I know of that would pass today. Every one of them will be in deep chit. Clean up your act or no one is shipping anything of value to you from around the world. That is how I would deal with it. I would force everyone into a pact, and if you decide to pull out (different party etc.) you still lose everything you got coming all over the world. No one is shipping to you.

 I realize you probably think it is harsh.   Killing this planet is harsh, starving people is harsh. Forcing people to be infected by disease is harsh. Neglecting education to be given to ALL of your people is harsh. Racism is harsh. Not being able to afford healthcare is harsh. Forcing children into education buildings without mask is harsh. Pollution is harsh. Neglect is harsh.

But the US has always held other countries too bigger standards. Then the US served eviction notices and forced people onto the streets this month, Refused to force mask and sanitizing mandate in the states, reason? Your freedom is more important than your life, actually money is more important than your life.  So they forced children into schools during a pandemic so parents could have their instant babysitter etc. Who did this? So who is being the meaner heartless jerk? 

  When I see the US barking at other countries and then throwing their own trash etc. in land fields by the tons and polluting and so on, starving citizens, refusing healthcare to all, and shoving Covid-19 down the throats of it's own people...  sheesh who needs enemies? 


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