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  For four and a half years we have listened to the masses tell us who was in hot water and going to jail and who was going to ride off in the sunset without a worry in this world.  Is this fair to the American people?  No.  The people are always held at a higher standard while those on the Hill can literally get a way with murder.  and they have.   What has happened to the United States that allows someone to stay in power and refuse too cooperate with laws on the books, including those that have been on the books for over a hundred years? Trump never should have stayed as President.  Why does the Hill get very special treatment when we have black men and women sitting in jails across the US who have been proved innocent and they are not getting their Due Process?  Why do we have two standards of treatment?  One for the Hill and one for the rest of us.  The Constitution says everyone is treated the same in law.   So what happen to change this?  Don McGahn proved that truth-tellers can