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They asked mentors...

  They asked mentors to get  these questions answered.  But really every aspect of your life has questions you need to answer yourself. From your career choice, birth of your first child all the way to how you want to be remembered. 

A Question of War For You

 Simply to just get this off my chest, I don't welcome any type of war with Russia. Putin fights dirty and anything he is involved in won't be any type of fair, it will be ugly.   Word is though, nations may be pulled into this war regardless. That is the talk. But if push comes to shove, do you, or will you support war with Russia?  Regardless if you do or not please reply, and leave a comment to let me know if you are American, or from another Nation and which one.  Plus your reasons for supporting it, or not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and war with, or not, with any nation shouldn't be taken lightly. I won't be judging anyone.  I support any type of war that brings freedom to another nation.  I am American I don't welcome war it should always be last resort but this is different with Ukraine it looks as though putin is lying to his own people.  He is out too destroy Ukraine.  I fear Nuclear war with Russia as probably most nations do, and so do pe

The massacres You Never Heard About

 In 1871 eighteen Chinese were lynched because two men fought over a woman and accidentally killed a white person.   View the following video on what happened that day. It was known as the Largest lynching in US history.  Or just read about it below.  In 1871, Los Angeles was small, numbering about 6,000 people. Of those 6,000, only about two hundred were Chinese. Most of the Chinese people lived on the Calle de los Negros, named for the Spaniards who used to occupy the lane. Together, they formed the Chinatown. Two rival Chinese businessmen were arguing over a woman, and a shootout ensued, resulting in the death of a white civilian aiding the responding police officers who were trying to break up the fight. The Chinese hid in the Coronel building, but were forced out by an angry white mob. This mob only grew in size and power, setting up gallows by turning wagons upright and lynching those unfortunate enough to be there. Eighteen men were killed; only one participated in the sh