The massacres You Never Heard About

 In 1871 eighteen Chinese were lynched because two men fought over a woman and accidentally killed a white person.  

View the following video on what happened that day. It was known as the Largest lynching in US history.  Or just read about it below.

 In 1871, Los Angeles was small, numbering about 6,000 people. Of those 6,000, only about two hundred were Chinese. Most of the Chinese people lived on the Calle de los Negros, named for the Spaniards who used to occupy the lane. Together, they formed the Chinatown.

Two rival Chinese businessmen were arguing over a woman, and a shootout ensued, resulting in the death of a white civilian aiding the responding police officers who were trying to break up the fight. The Chinese hid in the Coronel building, but were forced out by an angry white mob. This mob only grew in size and power, setting up gallows by turning wagons upright and lynching those unfortunate enough to be there. Eighteen men were killed; only one participated in the shootout.

While some of the rioters were put on trial, all charges were dropped on a technicality, leaving eighteen deaths unanswered for.  The local papers didn't even cover the lynching's  and the local white people did more of their attacks on the Chinese because no one was held accountable for that day. 

A important fact about this is the same thing going on back in 1871 is going on today.  It happens every time you have a person mad at the world they go on a killing spree targeting a certain race, religion, culture. 

 They had no trust in the Chinese back in 1871, and many of the white people feared loosing their good jobs to the Chinese.  The Government was never much help for clearing things up  and did more to stir up trouble than fix it.  The States ignored the abuse going on, and the locals blamed it all on the people who were not white. 

This incident was not isolated. History tells us this was going on across America.  If white people lost their jobs it was never their fault it was the Chinese's fault, or black people, or even the Indians. The lynching mobs were always pure hate regardless of what they tell you. 

Many Lawmakers served in Government who were very racist. But instead of them getting kicked out they were loved on the radio, tv, the Internet, and apparently on the Chambers floor.  Their trash talk was accepted and abused by anyone willing to listen and spread around. 

Today we could do so much to teach our children differently about hate. No more ignoring, or waiting for someone else to fix the race issues we have. Our schools, Churches, local Federal and State Governments should take part in this learning how to spot and stop hate should be something that everyone on this planet should strive for. Kick those racist out of Government.  We should never tolerate it from our lawmakers, or our leaders. Everyone could learn how their actions or lack of them could cause issues for others. Everyone needs to learn that you need only to be human to be treated with heart and respect.  If you must hate then hate racism and demand change. When you see hate shout out that it is wrong and you will not accept it in your city or even your county.  kick these racist to the curb. Make their lives miserable for a change. 

This equality law that they have tried to pass for decades now. They used every excuse in the book to not bring it up for vote.  I am telling you now we live in the 21st Century and not the 1900's.  No more excuses go after the lawmakers with all the gusto you have and push the equality for ALL Bill through. Accept no excuses period there is no reason not to pass it.

In the United States since the mid 1800's till today there has been no less than 173 massacre's from sea to sea. 93 happen from the years of 1914-1989. From 1990-2000 there were 16-17 Every one of these  mass racial violence occurrences in the United States were caused by local people in the areas who were hell bent there would be no one but the whites in the US to have jobs,  decent homes, school and Sunday Service. Black People fought for their lives even from local police departments for which were just as racially motivated as the locals.  It never was just a few haters they are and always have been in every Government and State business and neighborhood.  So you see, we have always tolerated hate.

People today are under the impression that violence against blacks is new but I can tell you that the black, yellow, red and brown cultures have never had a break from racism. It has always been here and has shown it's ugly nature with no end in sight all the way back to the 1640's  when the first man landed with his slave and refused to give his slave freedom. 

Another case I want to make is: When mother nature comes calling with a hurricane or tornado and flood she never asked if black or white people lived there.  But our Government asked and refused to help States and Counties of people because they were not the right color.  People should be appalled over this.  People should be outraged.  You hit the streets and you shout it to the people, but one thing you never do is cower in your home and watch people be abused, and hope someone else tends to it.  Puerto Rico never got their money until President Biden took charge of the White House. Reason because the man in charge before him called Puerto Rico nothing but low life's. 

When you see the next bad storm go through your neighborhood think about the people in your same kind of shoes hoping that mother nature will not deal them a bad hand. Hope if it is your neighbor who happens lose his home that those able too, including yourself come to help them get whole again. Even if that means giving them the shirt on your back. Color was never an issue. That is the kind of neighbors we all should strive for... and some even pray for them. 


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