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Refusal of State Governments to Pull Citizens Out of Poverty

Taxes The big issue I see is that much of the US don't bother to even check out the statements the President and his Democrats and Republicans claim. "I'm going to cut taxes." 'to whom?'  "I cut taxes but only too ___"  "why?" transcends into all you need to know. The issue I see time, and time again is that all the claims, and all the "I did" are not checked out by the public. N0 questions. No research, no checks and balances.

A trio of bald eagle parents -- two males and a female -- are showing that strong families come in all forms

The best parenting is when the parents accept a third party eagle into the nest to help out.  This is a short post and just so you know -  I didn't know that eagles do this sort of thing occasionally.  But it's so cool!  Don't you think? CNN posted this on their site and I was just amazed.  I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I have telling you about it.  There is also below a live feed to the eagles nest.