Refusal of State Governments to Pull Citizens Out of Poverty


The big issue I see is that much of the US don't bother to even check out the statements the President and his Democrats and Republicans claim. "I'm going to cut taxes." 'to whom?'  "I cut taxes but only too ___"  "why?" transcends into all you need to know. The issue I see time, and time again is that all the claims, and all the "I did" are not checked out by the public. N0 questions. No research, no checks and balances.
As soon as it reaches the public those in the news media checking into it are claimed to be fake news, or not worth the read because of who owns the paper, magazine, or site. It doesn't matter how much research was done, let's not investigate on the topic. Meanwhile those tax cuts are not for the middle or lower class, they are for the top. Call it the top 10% or the top 2% either way they are getting a better deal than the regular worker who are paying more taxes than the top 2%.  Actually though they are paying the taxes for the rich as well as their own. The crazy thing was when the public found out about this they didn't balk, no protest, and as far as I know no one ran to the Reps asking them , "what they were thinking?" "Change your stance." "Change the law." But you need to know this has been going on for decades. This is how things roll in Conservative States, and on the Hill as long as they are majority in one of the Chambers.

Effects of subtle wage change

Next up those middle class and lower  really don't feel the effect of what the top has done start claiming "nothing to see here." "Nothing happened." The wage theft of the US was done subtle in almost 4 decades. Not over night. Don't bring the wages issue up, and let's get the conservative, or Progressive press to keep it out of papers. The ones retiring never felt a thing wrong. The generations to follow never saw in the beginning the wages not moving. New generations starting jobs knew nothing different. The amount of people actually affected also dealt with inflation a few times. After the inflation ended and the several crashes people probably thought, or were told "everything that happened was only do to the crashes and inflation's". So the excuse was don't touch the wages because inflation will go up, or we will crash.  They probably never saw the wage stagnation caused by lack of wages going up. Case in point wages never was a problem until the last one half or full decade. Even when gas prices were going up in the beginning people still went to the gas pumps and blamed the high prices all on the oil industry.

Last give them really small pay hikes far apart and let them think everything is great. A quarter is fine, but a dollar raise isn't because merchants may be harmed. Get the workers to believe it.  There is nothing in the books that states merchants will be harmed, it is just a ploy by lawmakers to keep their States cheap and poor, and give as little money as possible to the Feds. Give the people the minimum so that retail etc makes the money. Make them very dependent and naturally everything is their fault if things go wrong, it's not their jobs fault because they pay what the States say they are to pay so get off our back!  Many will close if you raise wages. It didn't happen in Washington State their wage is 12 bucks an hour. Meanwhile the State of Georgia and Wyoming has a $5.15 wage. All the other states with a below $12.00 wage all claim they are working on it. The thing is they have been working on it almost 4 decades.  Meanwhile people are working these days paycheck to paycheck and they are one catastrophic event away to being homeless or bankrupt.  Yet still regardless the isle you sit on on the Hill or where you live, no one sees it as a problem until it happens to them.  But it never happens to politicians because they are immune their wage is fixed and they could support five families on what their people in their state singular earn on their paychecks for one year.   Those politicians are going nowhere that is why they gerrymander, or they pass rules to make it difficult for someone to run against them.  People are ignoring this because they don't feel they have control of it in the first place.   Just look at the Hill as some claim, some of those faces don't change that often.
Finally when you can't stand it anymore and business is great add some insult to the injury.  According to a new report on CEO pay from the Economic Policy Institute, chief executives at those 350 companies made $15.6 million on average in 2016—271 times what the typical worker earns. Though CEO compensation has fallen slightly in the past few years, it has increased by more than 930% since 1978.

Let's go back to the Hill again folks because it is interesting that none of these Reps have sat down with a calculator and done the math for a family of three working minimum wage, and how far does their money goes after paying rent, utilities, childcare and insurance.        Maybe the reason is because their own salaries look damn good.

Degrade the people

Oh! We shouldn't forget this tidbit either because it just shows the detest and racist thinking of  a few of them for which their own party has not removed from office.  They don't like minorities, or first time job seekers.  And he says so!

   California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock said on Thursday that the minimum wage should not be raised because low pay was necessary for minorities and other unskilled workers who were not worth more than $7 an hour...  People this is not  America.  If it is then shame on us all.

And OMG don't even get me started on affordable housing.  /bites tongue

How do we get out of this? Well when Georgia or Wyoming claims they can't afford to raise wages Just remember that a audit works wonders when someone claims they can't, or won't do something.  Georgia or Wyoming people deserve to at least be able to afford some type of home over their head, as long as it's decent and safe.  Plus not lose a home simply because the wife or husband was in the hospital for two weeks, and now has medical bills totaling over a million and a half dollars.  Now make sure everyone in the US is aware that state has a bunch of cheapskates running it. Problem solved. So there is no reason for a State to have a exceptionally high amount of people in poverty because of wages   If the Feds refuse to do that then start telling people to move out of the low life States that won't pay their workers a living that is right above at least the cost of living wage for the State.  I would even ask for federal money just so people can move.  Before you say that is ridiculous...  not as worse as a State that refuses to help their own  state citizens.

Make videos and advertise the hell out of them on TV showing the public what is going on, and make sure you show all the laughing and carrying on by the lawmakers as they refused to help the public. sources sources sources! including videos!  Those videos showing discourse on the Hill are priceless.  We are supposed to be a wealthy nation. If that is the case don't hide what is going on, show it for what it is.

Last is if they work on the Hill they must tell the truth anything else does more harm than good. We have more liars on the Hill than we have truth. This should not be an expected trait from the Hill from any member regardless their pay grade.  It should be shunned on always and don't let them slide by.  How about raising the bar of moral values also for the Reps?  It just seems as though much of the stuff flying  on the Hill is acceptable regardless if it is just or outside the law.   We should be setting a good example for the world to follow, and not stooping to another world leaders level, or their military Governments.

 Uncertainty, disruptiveness, lawless, and lack of leadership with no guaranteed security on all levels. We are sitting ducks?

Sources or References
ceo-compensation-ratio-2016.jpg in download folder.

 The Truth Is Hard To Argue Against.
Retired669   -   Stupid people voting against their own interests have been responsible for most of this. I wonder what if feels like to cut your own economic throat time after time while blaming someone else?

Alabama Case: 17-11009

This one wants to get rid of the minimum wage. 

Is raising the minimum wage a bad idea?
A different study released last month by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at the University of California at Berkeley showed no employment loss in six cities that had raised wages above $10 by 2016— Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., Oakland and San Jose. Rather, that study found that average weekly earnings for workers in the food service industry went up between 1.3% and 2.5% for every 10% increase in the minimum wage.

“Recent studies of restaurant workers have arrived at a consensus: They find little to no detectable negative effects of minimum wages on restaurant employment,” the authors wrote.

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The Birmingham workers and the Alabama legislature have been fighting in court since the city voted to increase its minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, from $7.25, in February 2016. That hike never took effect. The state legislature swiftly passed a law barring municipalities like Birmingham from setting their own minimum wage.

 We still have a significant group of conservatives who would like the U.S. to join this list of no minimum wage.  So which Countries don't have a minimum wage?

Incase you still need more videos YouTube is full of them, and hard to decide what to post here.  Below are the search results


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