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American Social Contract

Based on responses to polls,  a majority of us–Republicans, Democrats, and Independents– have consistently agreed to 5 simple principles. This is the American Social Contract . First:  Everyone should have an equal chance to get ahead. Second:  No one should be discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, or sexual preference. Third: No one who works full time should have to live in poverty. Fourth: People should take responsibility for themselves and their families, but deserve help if they need it through no fault of their own. Fifth:  No one should have special privilege and power based on wealth or class.

One Free Press Coalition

Stats Since 1992 1,337 journalist around the world have lost their lives in connection to their job.  857 of those were murdered for doing their job. Think about that because that is more than half of the journalist.  In 2018 53+ journalist were murdered around the world. The most dangerous sector of the US media after 1980 has been the race and ethnic press. Chauncey Bailey, who was the editor at a large circulation African American newspaper, was murdered in 2007 for his investigative reporting. In some cases, journalists have been attacked but survived.

Purdue executives pushed sales reps to get more opioids into the hands of vulnerable people including vets

fair use image Irontontribune NPR : Purdue executives acknowledged that their prescription opioids are far more addictive and dangerous than the company was telling doctors. At the same time, company directives pushed sales representatives to get even more opioids into the hands of vulnerable people, including seniors and veterans.  Lawsuit Details How The Sackler Family Allegedly Built An OxyContin Fortune This increased transparency represents a big shift in the way opioid lawsuits are being handled. "We've done something that hasn't been done before," said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, who appeared in February on NPR and WBUR's program On Point.  

30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web

Today is the 30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web.  In 1989 the Internet was born, or hatched and our lives on this planet were forever changed.  I am not sure this is for the better.  I mean look at how many treat the Internet as though it were a life or death if they don't log in everyday. Plus many have started using the net for illegal purposes.  There are also the bullies, the pranksters that are getting out of hand.  But the Internet has done a lot of good too. 

Woe to McKinley County, New Mexico

Quick facts McKinley County, New Mexico Census Stats

Hello Everyone

I come from another blog server client for which will stay anonymous.  No I didn't do anything wrong there.  The problem I had was things were getting full on the back end and I had to choose to either upgrade. delete post, or move.  I decided to move. I refuse to degrade images, or anything else. Many online are using a HD screen.  You start degrading images and videos, or removing post and and things tend to get ugly, besides... who wants to see that degraded image in HD? Basically my blog will be on things I heard, IRL, TV, Podcast, Radio and YouTube, and yes in the news media online.  The word here is I will be "eclectic".  Some will be entertaining, others not so much.  You might learn something new, or you might want to reach through your screen and ring my neck, or bop me in the head.  My content is for adults because sometimes my anger leeches out into my blog.  I will do my best to stay away from the worst of the cuss words.  My first post is coming soon. Pro