Hello Everyone

I come from another blog server client for which will stay anonymous.  No I didn't do anything wrong there.  The problem I had was things were getting full on the back end and I had to choose to either upgrade. delete post, or move.  I decided to move. I refuse to degrade images, or anything else. Many online are using a HD screen.  You start degrading images and videos, or removing post and and things tend to get ugly, besides... who wants to see that degraded image in HD?

Basically my blog will be on things I heard, IRL, TV, Podcast, Radio and YouTube, and yes in the news media online.  The word here is I will be "eclectic".  Some will be entertaining, others not so much.  You might learn something new, or you might want to reach through your screen and ring my neck, or bop me in the head.  My content is for adults because sometimes my anger leeches out into my blog.  I will do my best to stay away from the worst of the cuss words.  My first post is coming soon.

Pronounce my name Ghostolini like this:   Ghost oh lee nee


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