Woe to McKinley County, New Mexico

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McKinley County, New Mexico Census Stats

McKinley County is a county in the northwestern section of the U.S. state of New Mexico. As of the 2010 census, the population was 71,492. Its county seat is Gallup. The county was created in 1901 and named for President William McKinley. McKinley County is Gallup's micropolitan statistical area. You can read up on this on the Wikipedia page here: McKinley County

This past week McKinley County got a label that no County in the US wants to get.  on  brought us news from Money Talks that not every corner of the U.S. has recovered from the Great Recession. In certain counties, the percentage of residents living in poverty has only increased since 2009. 1 in 8 Americans lived in poverty in 2017, down from 1 in 7 in 2009. But in 10 counties, the share of residents living in poverty rose by the most percentage points during the same period. McKinley County lead the pack as number one. Gallup, New Mexico, 79.2 percent of residents are American Indian and about 2 in 5 of them live below the poverty line.

The stats are:
2009 poverty rate: 25.9 percent
2017 poverty rate: 40.8 percent
Increase: 14.9 percentage points

I can imagine their population are pretty upset about this.  But don't fret McKinley County it's not all your fault.  Much of the blame can be put square onto the USA that is supposed to be the richest Nation in the world but still treats many of their citizens as second class. 

McKinley County, New Mexico outlined in red.


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