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World Mass Atrocity Crimes

When trump took office the level of lies escalated into a monster and many people on both sides fell prey to abuse of power, deceit, and neglect and not enough people on this planet have ever come forward and told those involved to clean up their act or get out or be forced out. The public saw trumps true colors and they saw how he killed so many people with covid-19 and not once did ANY member of congress come forward and say "no more" "we protect the people, now get out of the damn way so we can do just that or force a vote “to protect”. One of the worst things trump did was in Afghanistan.  Trump abandoned the people and handed the country over to the Taliban with just a stroke of a pen. Originally, the Trump administration agreed to withdraw from the country by the first of May, if the Taliban negotiated a peace agreement with the Afghan government and promised to prevent terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State from using the country as a base.  “Thi

Our America Indians Should be Able to Vote

I went looking at what was going on with our America Indian lands across the US not able to vote. The US has treaties with them dating back to right around the day America was born. Many treaties were to protect the Indians from abuse by the States by making Indian land theirs and that NO state has a right to encroach on their land or make laws against the Indians or their land. While tribal sovereignty is limited today by the United States under treaties, acts of Congress, Executive Orders, federal administrative agreements and court decisions, what remains is nevertheless protected and maintained by the federally recognized tribes against further encroachment by other sovereigns, such as the states. Tribal sovereignty ensures that any decisions about the tribes with regard to their property and citizens are made with their participation and consent. The other party is the Federal Government BIA. So if I am right what this means is if the Indians set up their own a

Lets Clean Up this Planet

I think the US could do more to be sure this planet is good to and for their people, and to the planet. I believe this whole planet should be held in the highest regard to take care of the Planet, animals, people, water, and land. When we don't then reprimand. I can tell you now there is not one country I know of that would pass today. Every one of them will be in deep chit. Clean up your act or no one is shipping anything of value to you from around the world. That is how I would deal with it. I would force everyone into a pact, and if you decide to pull out (different party etc.) you still lose everything you got coming all over the world. No one is shipping to you.  I realize you probably think it is harsh.   Killing this planet is harsh, starving people is harsh. Forcing people to be infected by disease is harsh. Neglecting education to be given to ALL of your people is harsh. Racism is harsh. Not being able to afford healthcare is harsh. Forcing children into edu