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Do Your Damn Job!

 I want you to think back 10 - 15 - 20 years or more and ask yourself what were the issues of that time? Who was running the Country? Who had control of the Chambers of Congress? You can even go back 50 - 60 years or more it doesn't matter I can tell you we still had the same inequality issues. Healthcare has always had problems. Education has always been one sided and underfunded. The elderly have always fought to get their healthcare cost lowered. Black people have always fought for their rights. It has never changed. 

Trumps Disgrace is Also the United States

 I don't see that much as in the same as " To Kill a Mockingbird "  and the riot.  Yes he was black but initially he was found guilty by one bigot and not a Capital building full of them. The movie/book was based on a family and not the US people vs the  low life's ripping to shreds our beloved Capital building .  The jury convicted Robinson of rape because of whose word is believed: that of a white woman or that of a black man.