Trumps Disgrace is Also the United States

 I don't see that much as in the same as "To Kill a Mockingbird"  and the riot. 

Yes he was black but initially he was found guilty by one bigot and not a Capital building full of them. The movie/book was based on a family and not the US people vs the low life's ripping to shreds our beloved Capital building.  The jury convicted Robinson of rape because of whose word is believed: that of a white woman or that of a black man.

 In the Case of our Capital building trump is the instigator who lies and lies to get his way so he won't have to meet a Judge with a possible Prison sentence.  

I lay out my case below and intend to stick with it because it makes more sense than To Kill a Mockingbird.  The book depicted to set in 1929 in the deep south during Jim Crow days. The time slot of the Capital has been festering for four plus years. They had full intention of lynching Pence. Although the book is good and the movie is great to watch with teens there is very little to do with the Capital episode.  The Capital was also dealing with democracy too or lack of.    

Post Below. 

The first Red Scare occurred in the wake of World War I. The Russian Revolution of 1917 saw the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, topple the Romanov dynasty, kicking off the rise of the communist party and inspiring international fear of Bolsheviks and anarchists.

In the United States, labor strikes were on the rise, and the press sensationalized them as being caused by immigrants bent on bringing down the American way of life. The Sedition Act of 1918 targeted people who criticized the government, monitoring radicals and labor union leaders with the threat of deportation.

The fear turned to violence with the 1919 anarchist bombings, a series of bombs targeting law enforcement and government officials. Bombs went off in a wide number of cities including Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, D.C., and New York City.

The first Red Scare climaxed in 1919 and 1920, when United States Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer ordered the Palmer raids, a series of violent law-enforcement raids targeting leftist radicals and anarchists. They kicked off a period of unrest that became known as the “Red Summer.”

Did you know? FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was quick to equate any kind of protest with communist subversion, including the civil rights demonstrations led by Martin Luther King Jr. Hoover labeled King a communist and covertly worked to intimidate and discredit the civil rights leader.

 President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972) issued Executive Order 9835, also known as the Loyalty Order, which mandated that all federal employees be analyzed to determine whether they were sufficiently loyal to the government. Truman’s loyalty program was a startling development for a country that prized the concepts of personal liberty and freedom of political organization. Yet it was only one of many questionable activities that occurred during the period of anticommunist hysteria known as the Red Scare.

One of the pioneering efforts to investigate communist activities took place in the U.S. House of Representatives, where the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was formed in 1938. HUAC’s investigations frequently focused on exposing Communists working inside the federal government or subversive elements working in the Hollywood film industry, and the committee gained new momentum following World War II, as the Cold War began. Under pressure from the negative publicity aimed at their studios, movie executives created Hollywood blacklists that barred suspected radicals from employment; similar lists were also established in other industries.

Another congressional investigator, U.S. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (1908-57) of Wisconsin, became the person most closely associated with the anticommunist crusade–and with its excesses.

 McCarthy used hearsay and intimidation to establish himself as a powerful and feared figure in American politics. He leveled charges of disloyalty at celebrities, intellectuals and anyone who disagreed with his political views, costing many of his victims their reputations and jobs. 

McCarthy’s reign of terror continued until his colleagues formally denounced his tactics in 1954 during the Army-McCarthy hearings, when army lawyer Joseph Welch famously asked McCarthy, “Have you no decency?”  Ultimately, the smear tactics that he used led him to be censured by the U.S. Senate.

With the dawning of the new anticommunist crusade in the late 1940s, Hoover’s agency compiled extensive files on suspected subversives through the use of wiretaps, surveillance and the infiltration of leftist groups.

The information obtained by the FBI proved essential in high-profile legal cases, including the 1949 conviction of 12 prominent leaders of the American Communist Party on charges that they had advocated the overthrow of the government. Moreover, Hoover’s agents helped build the case against Julius Rosenberg (1918-53) and his wife, Ethel Rosenberg (1915-53), who were convicted of espionage in 1951. The Rosenbergs were executed two years later.

In 1949, the Soviet Union successfully tested a nuclear bomb and communist forces led by Mao Zedong (1893-1976) took control of China. The following year saw the start of the Korean War (1950-53), which engaged U.S. troops in combat against the communist-supported forces of North Korea. The advances of communism around the world convinced many U.S. citizens that there was a real danger of “Reds” taking over their own country. Figures such as McCarthy and Hoover fanned the flames of fear by wildly exaggerating that possibility.

Today though instead of reds it's Fascism and Socialism and a few others. 

As the Red Scare intensified, its political climate turned increasingly conservative. Elected officials from both major parties sought to portray themselves as staunch anticommunists, and few people dared to criticize the questionable tactics used to persecute suspected radicals. Membership in leftist groups dropped as it became clear that such associations could lead to serious consequences, and dissenting voices from the left side of the political spectrum fell silent on a range of important issues. In judicial affairs, for example, support for free speech and other civil liberties eroded significantly. This trend was symbolized by the 1951 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Dennis v. United States, which said that the free-speech rights of accused Communists could be restricted because their actions presented a clear and present danger to the government.
Red Scare Impact

Americans also felt the effects of the Red Scare on a personal level, and thousands of alleged communist sympathizers saw their lives disrupted. They were hounded by law enforcement, alienated from friends and family and fired from their jobs. While a small number of the accused may have been aspiring revolutionaries, most others were the victims of false allegations or had done nothing more than exercise their democratic right to join a political party.

Though the climate of fear and repression began to ease in the late 1950s, the Red Scare has continued to influence political debate in the decades since. It is often cited as an example of how unfounded fears can compromise civil liberties and yes it can do major harm to democracy.

Trump and his minions have done the same to the United States.  Everything was fake news if it didn't side with trump.  If you worked for him you had to give complete loyalty to trump.  His favors, his jobs, his cash and even your time, all of it was trumps.  None belonged to the people.  None of it was on the side of the Federal Government, or even sided with Lawmakers.  You was either on trumps side or you wasn't.   A Nation Divided. The Capital was trumps, The whole USA was his playground that kept him in power and away from IRS, and State punishment.  and if he couldn't have it no one could. So what do you do? You sic America on itself.  The Courts, the people, police departments, lawmakers, even the vice president is fair game. Let the people do the dirty work, so what if they go to jail they are low life's anyway because they are not rich like trump.  As for the Capitals employees they are fair game too.  This is why trump pouted when he was told to lower the flag half-staff for the deceased police officer. That was hard for trump to do because he didn't value that officer and didn't lower the flag for a few days. 

So what all did trump do? 

Trump and his allies filed dozens of legal challenges to the results, which were rejected by at least 86 judges from across the political spectrum, in both the state and federal courts, including by federal judges appointed by Trump himself. The courts found that Trump's claims had no factual or legal basis. Trump's unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voting fraud were also refuted by state election officials.

Pro-Trump groups, with the backing of Trump himself, have engaged in multiple street protests and demonstrations decrying the election results and echoing Trump's false claim of election fraud. These protests have taken place in Washington, D.C., state capitals, and other locations nationwide; they have included pro-Trump Proud Boys protesters. In November and December 2020, there were nighttime clashes and street scuffles in Washington between Trump supporters who refused to accept the president's defeat, including Proud Boys, and counter protesters.

On January 6—the day when Congress formally counts the electoral votes—Trump supporters gathered for the "Save America" rally where attendees heard speeches from Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Before the speeches were over, a mob of protesters marched on Congress and stormed the building. Congress was in session at the time, certifying the Electoral College vote count. Several buildings in the U.S. Capitol complex were evacuated, and protesters broke past security to enter the U.S. Capitol building, including National Statuary Hall. All buildings in the Capitol complex were subsequently locked down. There was reportedly an armed standoff at the doors to the House chambers, and one person was reported to have been shot within the Capitol building. At least two improvised explosive devices have been found.

In remarks from the White House on the early hours of November 4, President Trump attacked the vote counting efforts without evidence, calling it "fraud". The president remarked, "We will win this. As far as I'm concerned, we already have won." Major networks provided fact checks and variously interrupted the speech or carried it in full. Furthermore, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon suggested violence against Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray could serve as "a warning to federal bureaucrats" to begin a second term for President Trump.

Observers had been suggesting for months about the possibility of a premature Trump victory claim and then a contested election based on the likelihood that the initial votes counted by Election Night would skew heavily Republican. This was because mail-in ballots were expected to lean heavily Democratic, leading to a blue shift that becomes more favorable to Biden as more votes are counted.

Pro-Trump protests

    * In Phoenix, Arizona, pro-Trump protesters gathered to demand the city's remaining ballots be counted. Protests, sometimes about the election and sometimes about racial inequality, also occurred that day in cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and San Diego.

November 5

   *  Facebook banned a group page called "Stop the Steal", which Trump supporters used to organize protests against the election results after his allegations of electoral fraud. It achieved 300,000 followers before Facebook shut it down, citing calls for violence by some participants. It was reported to have been adding 1,000 new members every 10 seconds.
    In Atlanta, while poll workers inside State Farm Arena counted ballots, pro-Trump protesters gathered outside chanting "Stop the cheat!"

November 6

  *   In Detroit, over 200 protesters, many without masks and some armed with pistols rallied outside the tally room at TCF Center as Biden and Kamala Harris took the lead in the vote count for the state. Phil Robinson, founder of Michigan Liberty Militia, which has been deemed an "extreme anti-government group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, said he was at the rally to fight tyranny and fraud.

  *   In Youngstown, Ohio, about 50 pro-Trump protesters rallied outside the WKBN TV news station. Protect the Results Mahoning Valley called the pro-Trump protests "violent" and said they were organized at the request of the president.

   *  Pro-Trump protests were held in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In Arizona, far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones called on protesters to 'Surround The White House And Support The President'.

November 7

   *  In Little Rock, Arkansas, a group of around 50 Trump supporters, many of whom were armed, were met with a smaller group of counter-protestors at the State Capitol building.

   *  In North Las Vegas, 100 Trump supporters demonstrated outside the Clark County Election Department.

   *  In Lansing, more than 500 Trump supporters protested at the state Capitol over what they consider to be a rigged presidential race that led to Biden's election as the president. To illustrate election fraud, one protester pointed to a debunked claim that Biden received 100%, or more than 130,000 Michigan votes, during an election results update.

   *  In Raleigh, North Carolina, Ryan Fournier led "Stop the Steal" rallies at Halifax Mall and the North Carolina Executive Mansion. Counter-protesters debated Trump supporters and transformed "Stop the Steal" into a party at Halifax Mall.
   *  In Salem, Oregon, two separate protests were seen with participants questioning the results of the election. Four people were arrested during the protests.

November 8

    * In Phoenix, Arizona, hundreds of Trump supporters, many of whom were armed, protested Biden's victory, claiming that the Democratic Party had stolen the election. There were also small groups of counter-protesters.
   *  In Austintown, Ohio, hundreds of pro-Trump protesters rallied outside local businesses with the intention of marching towards the local Walmart.

November 14
   * Pro-Trump protesters in Raleigh, November 14, 2020

   *  In Washington, D.C., thousands of protesters rallied to support President Trump's election claims.  Attendees included white nationalists and members of far-right groups such as the Proud Boys, with some wearing helmets and bullet-proof vests. Some Republican members of Congress also attended. Demonstrators gave various names to their action, including "Million MAGA March", "Stop the Steal" rally, and "March for Trump".

   *  The President waved to demonstrators as his Secret Service motorcade passed Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue during the morning before traveling to the Trump National Golf Club northwest of Washington. The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department said it initially arrested 10 people for a variety of reasons including firearm violations, assault, assaulting a police officer, and disorderly conduct, although the number was later changed to 20.
   *  After nightfall, violence broke out between demonstrators and counter-protesters. Anti-Trump demonstrators began stealing MAGA hats and flags and proceeded to light them on fire. As the unrest continued to unfold, Trump apparel vendor's tables were overturned and fireworks were set off.
    The disturbances culminated when violence broke out five blocks east of the White House between the counter-protesters and the president's supporters, who wielded batons. As the groups approached, they charged each other, brawling for several minutes before police arrived and cleared the intersection. During the melee, a District fire official said a man was stabbed in the back and taken to a hospital.

November 15

   *  In San Antonio, several hundred protesters, mostly without face coverings, marched from Travis Park through downtown San Antonio, shouting chants such as “Stop the steal! Stop the steal!” and “Trump 2020! Trump 2020!” They eventually passed the Alamo and looped back to their starting point less than an hour after starting their route. At the same time, people in roughly 60 decorated cars celebrated Biden’s victory with a caravan through the city.

November 18

  *   Talk-show host Alex Jones and political commentator Nick Fuentes led a group of mask-less protesters in "Stop the Steal" protest in the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. He later urged his fans to "go to the capital of Georgia now and you must surround the governor's mansion now".

November 21

   *  In Sacramento, two hundred protesters attended the protest in support of the President. The protesters marched to Cesar Chavez Plaza, where the protest ended up being declared an unlawful assembly due to fighting. A protester was arrested due to the incident.

November 22

  *   In Charlotte, dozens of protesters rallied to protest election results for the first time in the city. A convoy drove around Marshall Park several times, honking horns and displaying American and Trump flags. The protesters questioned the presidential election results but also alleged the media's coverage of the issue was one-sided. Protesters said bystanders flashed obscene gestures at them, but that it was worth it to get their message out.

November 26

   *  In Chicago, mostly maskless protesters held a rally in support of Trump at Millennium Park. The leaders included Edgar "Remy Del Toro" Gonzalez, president of the Chicago chapter of the Proud Boys, and supporters of law enforcement while a few dozen anti-Trump activists shouted them down.

December 2020
December 5

   *  In Michigan, the Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson tweeted that dozens of armed protesters gathered outside her home chanting "Stop the Steal" and held signs with the same message. Videos of the protest were later uploaded to social media[84] and part of the protest was live streamed on Facebook.

December 12

   *  The National Park Service granted a permit allowing a conservative organization, Women for America First, to host a gathering in Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., on December 12, with a projected attendance of upwards of 5,000 people. On the day of the event, about 200 members of the Proud Boys joined a march near the Plaza and the Trump International Hotel while dressed in combat fatigues and ballistic vests, carrying helmets, and reportedly using hand signals used by white nationalists. Reported antifa adherents were also at the march to counter protest, and both groups engaged in fights with one another later that night. In scuffles between protesters and counter protesters, four people were stabbed and at least 23 were arrested.
    Trump acknowledged the Washington protest, tweeting "Wow! Thousands of people forming in Washington (D.C.) for Stop the Steal. Didn't know about this, but I'll be seeing them!" and drove by in a motorcade. Mike Flynn spoke to the crowds as well, stating "My charge to you is to go back to where you are from and make demands. The (U.S. Constitution) is not about collective liberty it is about individual liberties, and they designed it that way."

   *  Separate marches, called "Jericho marches" were pushed by church groups, and the "Stop the Steal" organization linked to Roger Stone, with marches planned in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona.

   *  In Indianapolis, members of Proud Boys joined other people on the steps of the Indiana Statehouse and waved American and pro-trump flags as they took turns encouraging each other to continue to oppose the results of the election. One man was quoted saying "We the people are awake, and we the people will not stand down." Other people shared stories about how wearing masks has impacted their lives.

December 19

    * In Sacramento, police made several arrests near the California State Capitol as pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters clashed over the results of the presidential election. Since the election, far-right groups like Proud Boys have protested near the Capitol against what they allege was a fraudulent election. Police made the arrests shortly after 1:45 p.m. after protesters started throwing objects over police barricades at officers.

January 2021
January 4

   *  Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was arrested and charged with destroying a Black Lives Matter sign at a historic black church in Washington, D.C. during the pro-Trump rally on December 12. One of the city's oldest Black houses of worship, Asbury United Methodist Church, said a Black Lives Matter sign was removed from its building and set alight. Tarrio was arrested upon entering Miami on additional gun charges for possessing two illegal high-capacity magazines, authorities said.

January 5

    * On January 5, 2021, Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser activated 340 of the District of Columbia National Guard due to an organized protest of pro-Trump supporters who planned to rally that evening.[94][95] The rallies had authorities bracing for violent political street clashes. Many businesses in downtown boarded up their windows, fearful the protest could escalate into the unrest seen in May and June when businesses were vandalized. Washington Police made six arrests as of 9 p.m. ET. Those arrested faced charges such as carrying firearms without a license, possession of unregistered ammunition, and possession of an unregistered firearm, assaulting a police officer, and simple assault.

January 6
2021 storming of the United States Capitol
Pro-Trump protesters overrun the U.S. Capitol building, January 6, 2021

 *  On January 6, the protesters planned to march to the United States Capitol. President Donald Trump supported the planned protest via tweets. Mayor Bowser asked residents not participating in the protests to "avoid confrontations with anybody who's looking for a fight".

A crowd of several thousand first listened to a speech by Trump, in which he repeated his claims that the election had been stolen and said, "We will never give up. We will never concede... Our country has had enough. We're not going to take it anymore." He urged them to march on the Capitol and "show strength". None of what Trump said was true everything done before, during, and after the election was legal in all the states.  Many listeners then marched on the Capitol, where they breached the barricades, broke windows, and stormed inside the Capitol building. They marched through Statuary Hall. Rioters invaded the offices of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, flipping tables and ripping photos from walls; there was looting in the Capitol.

The Capitol was locked down, the Senate and House recessed from their discussions about the electoral count, and Vice President Pence was "whisked away" from the chamber. Members of Congress were told to put on gas masks after law enforcement began using tear gas within the building. ABC News reported shooting in the Capitol building and an armed standoff at the front door of the House chambers. New York Times also said police drew their guns inside the House of Representatives chamber.

Multiple officers were injured in the mob violence at the Capitol. A woman was shot inside the Capitol and later died; no information has been released about the shooter. At least one improvised explosive device was found on Capitol grounds, and another just blocks away at the headquarters of the Republican Party.

In the aftermath of the storming of the US capitol, U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar and at least other House Democrats, including Ayanna Pressley and Seth Moulton, called for Trump's immediate impeachment and removal by Congress. State-level officials who have described Trump's conduct as impeachable include Maryland Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford. Representatives Ted Lieu and Charlie Crist called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump via the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Congresswoman Cori Bush introduced a resolution to have Republican members of the House who supported contesting battleground states' electors in the joint session of Congress be investigated and expelled from office. "The Republican members of Congress who have incited this Domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences." the progressive lawmaker tweeted. "They have broken their sacred Oath of office."
January 9

   *  In Frankfort, approximately 100 heavily armed protesters assembled for a "patriot rally" outside the Kentucky State Capitol while both chambers of the General Assembly were in session. One of the armed protesters was wearing camouflage from head to toe and carrying several zip ties, explaining that he brought them "just in case." Some of the protesters carried militia flags, pro-Trump insignia and Three Percenters symbols. "Three days after domestic terrorists attacked our U.S. Capitol, there was a militia rally in Frankfort. They brought zip ties. We will not be intimidated," Governor Andy Beshear tweeted in response.


November 2020
November 4
"Count Every Vote" rally in Washington, DC, November 4, 2020

   *  In Chicago, hundreds of anti-Trump protesters gathered to express their anger toward Trump's demand for vote counting to stop. City officials raised the Wabash Avenue Bridge in a preemptive move to ward off unrest near Trump Tower.
  *   In Houston, several different protests took place downtown. One group marched with anti-Trump posters from Houston City Hall to a federal building. Members of the group carried guns and used a baseball bat to hit a President Trump piƱata.
  *   In Kansas City, protesters gathered at Mill Creek Park to demand that every vote be counted.
   *  In Minneapolis, two groups of protesters were expected to march two miles, one beginning on Cedar Avenue in Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, and another from Hennepin County Government Center downtown. Hundreds of protesters began to walk out onto eastbound Interstate 94, leading to traffic being backed up for miles. Police arrested and then released 646 protesters who were blocking Interstate 94.
    * In Manhattan, protesters and police clashed near Union Square, resulting in 25 arrests and more than 30 summonses. Weapons were found by police on some people at the march including knives, a Taser and M-80 explosives.
   *  In Pittsburgh, Multiple protests were organized by several groups such as Pittsburgh United, United Steelworkers, Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network, and Bend the Arc to "count every vote."
   *  In Portland, Oregon, anti-Trump protesters demanded that every vote in the election be counted. This led to the declaration of a riot after police saw people smashing business windows. Oregon Governor Kate Brown activated the state's National Guard to help police manage the unrest.
   *  In Seattle, hundreds took to the streets to demand a full count of all votes and a halt to Trump's challenges to stop counts in some key battleground states. Seven people were arrested on Capitol Hill on suspicions of obstruction, pedestrian interference, property damage, resisting arrest, and assaulting officers.
   *  In Dallas, demonstrators marched to Dallas City Hall to demand that every vote be counted. The participants represented several organizations, with speakers addressing the crowd in both English and Spanish. Afterward, demonstrators held a candlelight vigil.

November 5

    * In Philadelphia, groups of anti-Trump protesters gathered outside Philadelphia Convention Center where counting continued of mailed-in ballots with signs such as "Count every vote," "Black votes matter," while a similarly sized group of pro-Trump protesters carried signs like "Sorry, polls are closed," and "Make America Great Again."

Anti-Trump and anti-Biden

  *  In Portland, hundreds of anarchists and anti-fascists protested throughout Portland, against both presidential candidates. Protesters carried signs stating "Strong communities make politicians obsolete", "We don't want Biden we want revenge", and chanted "fuck Biden". A small section of protesters began rioting near an ICE detention center facility, and the Oregon Army National Guard was sent into Portland. 17 protesters were arrested.  Anarchists generally embrace the notion of the "ungovernable generation", the idea that the political system is inherently broken, rejecting party politics as well as the electoral system, arguing instead that change should be done through grassroots organizations

Trump and his allies falsely alleged that an international communist conspiracy, rigged voting machines, and polling place fraud had stolen the election from Trump. These claims of election fraud were rejected as totally meritless by numerous state and federal judges, state and local election officials, governors, the Justice and Homeland Security departments, and the Electoral College. Most congressional Republicans refused to acknowledge Biden's victory until mid-December, after the Republican efforts to overturn the election results failed, and after the Electoral College vote had taken place, formalizing Biden's victory. Emily Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, delayed initiating the presidential transition, key elements of which could only begin once she had ascertained Biden to be the President-elect. Murphy allowed the transition to proceed on November 23, 20 days after the election and 16 days after most media outlets projected Biden to be the winner.

Government Issues

Some of the issues Americans have are caused from their own Government putting obstacles in their way or forcing them to take a job that doesn't pay well.  Or keeping a foot on the necks of people because they are poor, black, or not as educated. The bad is that the people as a whole when their States or Federal Government attack their wages, taxes, etc. you hardly hear a whimper out of them.  They just cower to them.

White people are the privileged class, they don't have half of the problems of black communities and it was not until recently they were forced  to see their white privilege up close and personal and for many this is probably the most harsh reality for them. But in the same process it pissed a lot of bigots off.  Watching the Black Lives Matter protest, and then seeing the disparities of dealing with Covid-19 on the different classes opened many eyes, and made people furious or showed them as not giving a damn.   That there shows trump in all his glory.  It is his feelings exactly.  All you have to do is look at how he has dealt with Covid-19 picking who gets help and where his priorities are. 

President Elect Biden

Biden has much on his plate to fix or make better.  Growing the economy, creating jobs, expand civil rights, wages, education, protect the climate, voting, healthcare, plus US debt.  Good gosh people this is a lot to have on your plate plus everything trump has trashed this past 4 years. 

 Trying to fix any of this with executive actions will not fix them.  It is only applying a bandage on the wound for which eventually falls off and allows the wound to fester again.  We need Bills and Amendments that will fix these issues for good.  As soon as the public at large has their lives get better they will be more inclined to accept good change, and less likely to fight, violently rob, kill, and loot. Less drugs and Alcohol too. But over the past decades you can't expect a person to accept a wage that doesn't keep a roof, food, and utilities paid every month. Part time jobs is one of those things they have been forced to accept.  

 As for fixing our elections so we never have a mob mentality again this will have to be fixed with civics. Teach the damn masses.   Our forefathers never intended for our elections to be so racist, one sided, and violent.  Before you go trying to blame it all on voting I must point out to you that all of this has been festering for decades.  Our own lawmakers, News Media, and President and Vice Presidents have festered it a long time.  

When you are corrupt then you are teaching the people corruption is okay.  When you don't care for the people, then they don't care for you, or other people.  When you turn your nose up to voters then your vote looses it's power too.  When you don't care the public are hurting, then they don't care if you are hurting either, and they are less likely to try to fix the hurt you are suffering because they have their own issues to deal with. 

Governments brought it all on themselves with their own attitude they have for their own people.  City, County, State, and Federal Government you also reap what you sow.  Education, Healthcare, housing, wages, utilities as long as you do harm by forcing the public to live in your lowly world having to fight for these things you will get no peace. We are the only developed country with these type issues. 

They define low-wage workers as workers whose hourly wage rates are so low that even if they worked full-time, full-year their annual earnings would fall below the poverty line for a family of four.  Today that income range doesn't even support a family of one child and a parent or guardian.

Democrats in the House, Senate, and around the country have been urging President-elect Joe Biden to use the maximum amount of executive authority available to him in order to grow the economy, expand civil rights, protect the climate, and otherwise implement the agenda he ran on, despite the expected obstruction from a Republican Senate.

DEMOCRATS IN THE House, Senate, and around the country have been urging President-elect Joe Biden to use the maximum amount of executive authority available to him in order to grow the economy, expand civil rights, protect the climate, and otherwise implement the agenda he ran on, despite the expected obstruction from a Republican Senate. On Tuesday, a group of civil rights leaders urged him privately to take a slew of executive actions during a two-hour virtual meeting. While Biden didn’t close the door to anything specific, he was far from enthusiastic about the idea of using executive action.

On Tuesday, a group of civil rights leaders urged him privately to take a slew of executive actions during a two-hour virtual meeting. While Biden didn’t close the door to anything specific, he was far from enthusiastic about the idea of using executive action.  So how does he fix the broken? Does he issue the executive actions with a clause in them that they become obsolete if A Bill or Amendment is passed? Come on people don't forget about the issues just because they are a bit hard.   

and What ever you do lets stop repeating this hearsay, fake news, lies, and intimidation BS that Trump is pushing.  This is not the America none of us signed up for.  

Trump used hearsay and intimidation to establish himself as a powerful and feared figure in American politics. He leveled charges of disloyalty at celebrities, intellectuals and anyone who disagreed with his political views, costing many of his victims their reputations and jobs. 

Thousands of alleged Trump sympathizers saw their lives disrupted. They were hounded by law enforcement, alienated from friends and family and fired from their jobs. All because of one man that promised them everything on their bucket list they swear no one else gave them. But they got nothing but jail time and a poor sick house, and their dead.   

and now folks you see how close your history is to the "Red Scare".  Word for word they are the same.  Nothing like "To Kill a Mockingbird" But a mirror image of the red scare.

Trumps disgrace is that he stayed in power for four years even though Congress knew he was a fraud, liar, and thief, and killer.  This pointed heavily towards the United States not removing him from office.  What if we have someone like him in power a decade or so from now fixing to allow 2,991.500 to die just like trump has allowed 375K+ to die?  Where do we draw the line and save the life of another over a leader?  Apparently we don't because even though Congress was aware of what was going on.  They did nothing.  So the US is flawed in allowing this to happen.  The United States is a disgrace. 

copy and paste or click my sources and visit their information on the enclosed pages below. Some of these are photo (wiki) intense


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