We have had people to devote their whole lives to gather the facts together for science, math, civics, law, religion, and a host of other fields too many to mention. Think about a teaching moment with your own children, and now think about those facts being based only on a political party instead of science, math, civics, US history, religion, etc. 

Our facts must be genuine, and not based on any type of political party. We must be able to trust a cure that science has put hundreds of hours into. We must be able to trust math when building skyscrapers, trust our history that it is accurate so we can learn not to repeat past mistakes, believe in our own religion without bias so we can get along together, and finally we must be able to trust that law is justifiably truthful and fair. 

When we lose faith in truth and facts then we lose lives, people are harmed, education is null, and life is more than a challenge, it becomes a nightmare with no end, and the United States becomes a very poor third world country whose people's lives have no meaning, are sickly, a very poor education and a very short lifespan. Who wants these sort of things for their future generations?

and yet this is what America is doing right now as you read.


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