The Human Race

A racist will tell you that they are opinionated. Yes they are, but they also are narrow-minded, blind, closed-minded, intolerant, one-sided, racist, sexist, xenophobic, and easily influenced by other racist. Oh!  yes, they are bigots.


If you want to see real courage, then look no further than at a parent teaching their nine year old by example that a real adult knows everyone is equal, doesn't accept racist friends or family in their doors without offering a teaching moment as they ask the racist to leave, and treats everyone always accordingly. Courage doesn't allow another human being to be degraded.  Always Offering advice from the heart, and who's brain cells go to the top.  - It is the teaching moment. Let everyday be a teaching moment for every man, woman, and child. This is the moment that you preach love, respect, and dignity.  Never become a persons Juror and Judge, but also never allow someone to treat you or anyone else lower.   

Moral Character 

 In your life today you see men and women who cheat people out of dignity, respect, and even life itself all because of the color of their skin, or their culture, or religion, gender, or LGBTQ status.  They have no moral value to show courage in doing the right thing for all others to follow.  They learned on how to be a bigot when young and wear it proud. This has been happening even before the civil war when black men and women were slaves, and white women were property.  154 years ago, in 1865 in a town called Pulaski, TN the KKK was hatched. The KKK was onto something, and that something was that because of the war, and the new laws on the books, their bigotry was supposedly out the door.  But it wasn't.  They had States condoning their hate, and towns making sure everyone knew their place.  They even told black people where they could walk.  Not too many today even discuss the 60's that I saw.  I guess some want to forget, but I bet some are hoping a few did forget. 

 Racism has escalated/deescalated over the years, and it joined equally with Jim Crow laws that put the fear into black people, or anyone that tried to help them for the past decade or so. We know this hate like the back of our hands it has always been in plain sight. In 2016 there was 917 hate groups in the US.  In 2018 it increased to 1,020 hate groups across the United States.  That is 103 new hate groups in two years’ time worn like a badge with pride as though they deserve a medal or something.
But they don't. Don't be so easily fooled. They are nothing special. They are the white trash in the U.S.  They are the warmongers that keep hate alive. But they are also only a part of the problem.


 Laws on the books, and a Constitution was changed, but not the people, we had a few subtle changes, they even sent in the National Guard. Racism flourished because the only thing that changed was a few laws on the books, and nothing else States refused to follow the new laws and a few States had to be forced to change.  

It is easier to turn ones back, than it is to teach a young child bigotry is wrong.  It is easier to say, "that is someone else job".  It is easier to laugh at someone being degraded, pushed to the floor by another individual, than it is to hold your chin up and offer a hand to the person being degraded.  It is better, or far more easier to repeat the words that show so much hate an individual has for another race,  It is better to watch others beat beyond recognition. It's OK if people get denied a education, and their healthcare is sub par.  It happened to them, not me. It is better that they get trash talked and not me. I'm gonna just carry on here. 

 When you see how many hate groups we have today all across the United States. You blink, go along with, put up with, or sit and take it, instead of a nation telling the people that racism will not be tolerated period and you watch your hateful mouth. Regardless of where you work, play, or go to church bigotry is not tolerated. Period. But it never happened as it should of.  Today a bigot can yell across the street at a black family calling them  the most derogatory of names and in areas of the U.S. it is fine. 

Sure we have the hate crimes Bill.  Sure, they have already prosecuted a few under this Bill.  But so many others have gotten away with it, including our own President.  Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as "shithole countries" during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House.  That is hate speech because he wanted to deny them entry into the U.S. or deny them aide because of who they were.

Bleeding Wounds

   These wounds are deep in our society today, and bigotry is bleeding every one of us dry.  It is hurting all corners of America, from the top down.  It has stripped us of our pride, and replaced it with hate that leeches into all aspects of our lives and many don’t even know, or realize it.  Racism was allowed even into our most revered White House.  Not even Congress was spared.  No one took a stand to protect the people, or the Constitution. Every one of us should of been outraged.   Every one of us is guilty in one form or another. We should have been on the streets of America screaming our heads off "No Bigotry"!  We should of marched until our feet bled in order to protect another human being from hate.  No one spoke up privately or publicly to show the outrage that people should have hammered hard on it.  A little whimper, and it was business as usual. We even literally degraded and trash the Statue of Liberty because of the poem on the Liberty.  

Selma March

  “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

 Woe Death and Don't Forget Misery

Including the words inscribed,  because apparently it matters more when the words were added to Liberty than anything else. Then we cursed while so-to-speak placing a boot on Abraham Lincoln's back, and spit on the grave of Lyndon B. Johnson then with no remorse whatsoever racism shed the blood of Martin Luther King in day light.  And yet all these years past and we learned nothing even though many died.  


 We can't go on like this. Don't allow anyone to dirty our cultures anymore. Take a stand. We can't turn our backs in hopes it will go away because we have already learned it will never go away. All we are doing is instigating it even further when we don't take a stand. We should always be outraged.
 Enough is enough.  Get off your asses and act like you give a damn about everyone’s future. Your rights matter too!  We have generations to teach.   Never again will we ever think so low of another human being.  Never again will we dehumanize ourselves. 154 years is enough time to get it right.  Atticus is right though, but you have to want to change too.  Are you ready? 


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