Fixing the Holier-than-Thou

Us and them

In America as long as you belong to certain classes of people (and everyone does) you are “so called” good to go, and many don’t think much about it. Some classes no one wants to be a part of. Pretty much people stay clear from the bad classes. At the top they group  people into us and them. Then there are the irrelevant, whom by definition, don’t figure into many decisions, some are even blocked from participation.
It's just how the top look at things, and you would  be surprised at whom is in which class defined by the top class. To them, there is no middle.  There are three classes and theirs is at the top, and the rest is below them.  They are the "US",   and unless you eat and are social with the upper class, you are the "THEM".

You see certain classes believe they are better than the others.  Everyone feels they are special in some way. But in some they feel they are far more special than others. The rich believe they are because they made it to the top.  The poor believe they have the advantage because well hell... They been there, done that, and thrived and survived.   So, whatever the world throws their way, it can't get any worse, they will thrive.  Plus, some people have done some great stuff. But it has nothing to do with class. They either learn to be the good in the world, or they are born that way by having a gift that helps others. They have no boundaries and everyone is welcomed to eat at their table.

No Perks lousy pay

 The rich, at least some of them live off the sweat of the poor.  The poor are the irrelevant to many rich classes at the top.  They pay them cheap, offer no perks such as insurance and work them long hours, and demand plenty, and they get away with it.  Families had slaves in the United States.  They worked until they dropped 20-hours a day. Most slaves didn’t go to school. Gosh forbid if they were educated enough to realize there is a better life out there.  They were slaves from the age of young children to teens. You can’t make this stuff up but the world has all kinds.  The sad thing is this all happened in the 21st century.

Housekeeping, cooking, nanny, driving, and there are plenty others as well.  It's not just farm work, and never has been. Just pick one you would hand over to someone in a heartbeat to do if you had the money to pay them to do so.  But you know all of this stuff, right?  I don’t need to spell it out to you. These have been facts of life from the beginning of men’s conscious. The beginning.

The thing is even if you claim that "hey you gave someone a job and they are making money", you would only be answering to the age-old capitalist society put in place by a bunch of men over a hundred fifty years ago when blacks were slaves and women were the property of their husbands.

The problem is that today if you are white you get treated right, and if you are anything else you are treated worse than a dog on the street.  It starts with that paycheck.   Black, Hispanic, and Native American children, for example, are two to three times more likely to live in poverty than white kids, according to a study using Census data by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Economic inequality and racial discrimination have also been linked with civil rights abuses, particularly in Alabama and other states across the South. Furthermore, police shootings of unarmed black men and women are of deep concern to the U.N.

We just have to face it folks that everyone from the Government down treats non-whites in some states like garbage.  There is no “we will clean it up.” or "We will make it right."  There is no, “we will always do the right thing.”  This crap has been going on for decades. Done in plain sight under the guise of something else.   The sad thing is everyone knows right from wrong. and the promises have been rolling off the tongues for over a hundred years. The same BS! If they can't deny, then they take from their pockets a little cash to clean up their own HR - PR disaster, and then continue on with their; This is not who we are routine"  "we will do better ways". until the next PR disaster happens and people are making a "B" line for their social pages, and calling the local TV stations  with their next "woe us" routine.  Like clockwork!

Civil Rights

Today everyone has rights but I noticed certain rights come at a price. Loss of life, lack of education, no healthcare, free speech gone, voting,  We also have a select few believe they ONLY have the right to do and decide for the people, just follow along.  It would not surprise me any if a few of them feel the public should be grateful that they have any rights.  But in the U.S., we have the pursuit of happiness.  You have rights because the Constitution and all of its Amendments say so.  But Lawmakers decide things even when they are not themselves affected, and some laws affect only a certain gender or culture, income, or even a neighborhood.  So, messing with the rights of others - this wasn’t by accident, it was a deliberate move on their part because everyone knows America includes all the States inside its borders, and not just a select few, or one. But we have States you can't assemble peacefully without the police showing up in riot gear.  We have Lawmakers that make it hard to get a higher education by putting those obstacles in the way that just cause me to wonder, "What the hell are you doing that for?"

This is why I support having a Federal Civil and Human Rights Administration located in our Justice Department. Which would handle all rights from the White House all the way down to the newborn infant.   It should be protected from defunding, and protected from anyone of being able to shut it down.  The workers in this Federal Admin should also be protected, even if that means setting up criteria for which has a checklist and the employee must fit one of those profiles in order to be fired by the top Admin of the Federal Civil Rights Administration.  This way, any one with bad intentions can't trash the new Federal Civil Rights Administration office. It should also be protected within the Admin from sabotage.  It should also have board members of good character consisting of nine individuals that serve two-three years each total.  Consisting of 3  Democrats, 3  Republicans, and 3 Independents.

They should cover all people in the US  Including immigrants.  Tasked in making sure no one is being forgotten, abused, or disenfranchised. Plus tasked in writing our civil and human rights Amendment that will cover every facet of the United States population including All Federal offices and the White House and each state. Those states that refuse to do the right thing well we need to come up with something they can't live without in their state.

Because this is so important to the United States all people vote on everything coming from this office to be made into law.  Which means every two-three years probably a  Bill will be released from this office, or with a old one updated.  State officials, or Lawmakers can't keep the Bills from this office from receiving a vote. Neither can the States re-write the Bills before putting them on the state ballot. The Bill should be clearly marked as to whom placed it on the ballot.

Civil rights are an expansive and significant set of rights that are designed to protect individuals from unfair treatment; they are the rights of individuals to receive equal treatment (and to be free from unfair treatment or discrimination) in a number of settings -- including education, employment, housing, public accommodations, and more -- and based on certain legally-protected characteristics.  We don't live in the dark ages and it's high time America act like it's a civil Country and takes care of it's own.

Human rights

The UN says that Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. The Civil and Human Rights Admin will tackle these rights because for 154 years these rights have been trampled on and it's time that the United States act like they care by doing the right thing.  Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behavior and are regularly protected as natural and legal rights in municipal and international law.  It is something that the United States has always left to Non-Profits to deal with, with very little intervention on the part of local, other than maybe lockup, and then hush up, but today we are in the 21st Century and it's time for the United States to walk the walk and talk the talk and act like they really care instead of just going through a few motions, and having diarrhea of the mouth explaining to the people on how not to deal with this by walking on egg shells.  The way to fixing this is for the U.S. Feds to take a stand by being on the right path themselves by showing by good example and then watch the people start to accept, and change themselves.   Agree?  

Education, Healthcare,  and Justice for All

They claim everyone is entitled to an education, but they turn around and defund higher education by making it harder for people to qualify for the good loans, raise prices, and tell predatory lenders to have a field day of the students who can’t pay because they are poor.  This is how you get 1.2+ trillion in debt and go after the poor because they want to be educated.  So, what is the point in offering student loans if you put this sort of horrible obstacle in their way?   A better way would have been, to first accept the best of the best into college. Then you raise taxes for education, and then raising the standards in fifth grade and up.  Increase the funding, and expect far more from our students, and teachers/professors. The students must know how to read, and do the four basics of math. Or they don’t go to the fifth grade. Period. Ninth grade they need their standards, and so should eleventh and twelfth.

Next you offer two year free Tech or Career College to those that don't make the grade and are low income, or under a certain amount to qualify.

Unfortunately, it will never happen.  Because as soon as they upped the rules and told the schools to educate the black people, and the poor or else in the past, then they went to defunding the schools and dumbing them down. Plus, we are still dealing with incompetent teachers.  Because lawmakers are still busy at trashing education, refusing to fix it, and defunding it.  Capitalism is behind it just a little bit. But I believe race is behind it, and class is a close second.   You have to look at who this mostly affects to understand it. Some Lawmakers want to get rid of public education, and install Private education alternatives. It is only my opinion, but I believe this will throw us back into the 60's.  It will definitely lead to even more segregated schools that will be telling the Feds where to go because they are a private school now, and if they don't want black or Mexican children in their school then that is their choice. They will disguise this as not accepting the poor, only those that can pay can attend the school.

I see where all of this is heading too.  You see the Feds can do nothing about the schools except mouth off at them and give out a few threats.  In reality the States have control.  So I hope everyone is ready for the day when the States tell the Feds to go F themselves and close down public schools in favor of private schools. This is a major concern and a reason why we need Federal Civil and Human Rights Administration. Otherwise States will offer a few free tuition schools and claim everything is fine. 

The thing to understand is that:  While education may not be a "fundamental right" under the Constitution, the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment requires that when a state establishes a public-school system (as in Texas), no child living in that state may be denied equal access to schooling. We all know that each state has its own constitution and education is covered in the State Constitutions.  But not too many states even mention this to the public, so what do each state have to say about education in their Constitutions?

Well the State of Georgia states:

Georgia Constitution Education

Art. VIII. Paragraph I. Public education; free public education prior to college or postsecondary level; support by taxation. The provision of an adequate public education for the citizens shall be a primary obligation of the State of Georgia.

Do you see now what we are up against?  The word is adequate.  They don't tell you a base line on what is acceptable.  The states can blame it on the Feds and the Feds can blame it on the States. But all this defunding will be what seals the faith of public education because they can claim always the students were getting an adequate education even if the school is falling apart, and their teachers are walking out.  They also only have to offer some type of education, and as long as State Constitutions don't spell out what constitutes as a good education they will get away with it.  They should of added that public education will get the students ready for College.  The other thing I am worried about is that private schools will have dibs over public schools for entering certain Colleges.  Many students won't have a chance at all to go to a Ivy League College even though they want too because eventually Colleges will be looking at what states, and then what counties the students are coming from.

Another example?  Healthcare.  High cost is bankrupting families, putting others on the streets, and the lack of lawmakers willing to fix it is growing. They have been turning their nose  up to the price abuse for years now.  I say if the field was more level lawmakers would learn quick it needs to be fixed. But they are not affected so they don’t care to see what really is going on.  The thing is though  the Constitution says that Congress, and the White House are not above the laws, nor can they skip certain treatment of the public to get better treatment.   The thing is though they do it all the time, and the public says nothing. Case in point?  Even though they passed terrible Bills to defund healthcare, many of them on the Hill have the best healthcare that money can buy and the public is not privy to it. Next up is Prices of prescription drugs that are so high for some drugs, that earlier this month a four-car “caravan” was organized from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to drive 600 miles north across the Canadian border to Fort Francis, Ontario, to purchase life-saving insulin. Today Over 40 states are suing generic drug companies for alleged conspiracy to hike prices. Investigators argue this is "one of the most egregious and damaging price-fixing conspiracies in the history of the United States."
I personally would lock every damn one of them up for life they would never see the outside of a prison again.  I mean people died because they couldn't afford their prescriptions.

You need another?  The Justice Admin.  Lock them all up who cares! No rehabilitation, or over site in their treatment.  Sure this hurts the poor more than any other group, but hey who is complaining?  They have done it for decades!  The black population also got the sham here.  Far more blacks and Latinos locked up than whites.  This is no accident either. Oh, and cops shoot them if they give them “that look”.  I still can’t figure out what "look" they are talking about.

Our criminal justice system is built to inflict pain. Here's how we can heal it.

Pregnant woman asked jail staff for help, lawyers say. Hours later, she was alone in a cell, holding her newborn

More examples?   They were told to leave Social Security alone, now they are defunding it and Medicaid/Medicare to the point to where people are claiming deaths due to lack of funding for prescriptions, testing or in hospital, or nursing home care. Now families are adding bankruptcies.  They are not going to the doctor like they use too, and purchasing prescriptions is based on the cost. Many make a one month supplies last two months instead of one. This affects the elderly, but also the disabled. The cost also has passed the buck to the consumer who pays higher premiums, and deductibles even on health insurance plans that are considered good.

Everything the public needs is botched.  But everything the politician’s needs is humming along.

So the people have become political toys? What the hell do you need the people for?  The tax money?  Sure, looks like it.  My point?  What are the people getting out of all of this?   Just the right to be barely alive?   The right to spend a little money?  We have states living off the misery of its inhabitants.   The people know no  different.  Many believe all the States suffer from the same faith.  They have no clue that a few states over the schools, and healthcare is better, and crime is down.

Who are the Slaves of the 21st Century? 

There are a certain group of people that claim the US people have turned into the news slaves for the Federal and the State Governments.  They claim everything put into law at both levels has done more harm to the people than help.  They said that in a good society as soon as healthcare started to increase in price they would of been on top of it, and ended the abuse quickly so that it wouldn't of done harm to the people.  The same can be said about education, and justice to the masses.  A good person never would of allowed this stuff to happen.

None of this was fixed because the Feds and States were making money, and still do off the backs of the ordinary peoples misery.  This is why they taxed everyone but not the rich.  Do you see it?

Politicians have become a privileged group, the aristocratic class of wealthy bastards who are doing their best to make slaves of us all.  This is why they didn't tax the wealthy and over taxed the rest of us. This time next year everything I am saying will been seen as even more true as soon as the rest of you watch the IRS pulling hundreds-thousands out of your checking accounts. You are not special enough except for when it comes to taxes. Then your Rep turns into a leech.  So, who really is the moocher?

Persons are fleeing poverty, oppression, and violence in their home cities and soon will make the desperate decision to leave their States for a friendlier home, and lifestyle in a new State that treats their citizens with respect.  But many can’t flee because they are so poor, or ill.  That was no accident. They knew they would have an influx of people eventually leaving the States, but those leaving are just a small number of people.  If you really want to see the Governors quake in their boots then they have to leave in droves.

Federal Humanitarian Assistance?  Both sides of the isle apparently suck at this.  They hate writing checks, and if a hurricane or flood comes your way and your neighborhood isn’t rich enough you are better off grabbing your suitcase if you have one left and leaving town. Actually, though I advise you to leave the State.  and why not the hurricane or  tornado trashed everything you own. Case in point?  The Florida Panhandle for Mexico Beach and Panama City parts are still waiting for their aide, so is Puerto Rico.  It was a known fact the areas were not rich neighborhoods.  You shocked?  Checkout the Facebook pages for the groups helping the areas.   Certain ones never got help.  FEMA never sent checks to some areas. I guess those people are part of the group from shit hole countries…  OH! WAIT! We are discussing America.  That’s right.  /rolls eyes   Yes consider moving because it is not just the Federal level refusing to help you, it is also your State.

There is no American dream in certain areas of the U.S. if you are not white, or if you are poor. You are shunned and looked down on, and then ignored because they simply believe you are not worth the effort of helping.

In its 2016 state of the nation review, the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality placed the US rank at the bottom of the league table of 10 well-off countries, in terms of the extent of its income and wealth inequality.

If you want to know the truth about it the reason America has so much hate is because of the treatment bestowed on them from the State and Federal Governments.  They dish it out to them all the time so how do you expect them to take it?  Check which states have the most crime, have the most hate groups, and the least programs to help their citizens.  Ill help you with that it's the Republican run states.

It also found that the US hit rock bottom in terms of the safety net it offers struggling families, and is one of the worst offenders in terms of the ability of low-income families to lift themselves out of poverty – a stark contrast to the much-vaunted myth of the American dream. But hey everyone hate groups are on the rise, and IMO the reason why is because many are falling for the excuse that certain cultures in our society are taking jobs, income, educational choices, causing healthcare to rise along with prescription drugs, and causing people to be homeless.  In reality it is the Feds and the States causing this crap.  Remember back about 2014 the Feds said they would cap healthcare if it kept going up.   O K  so where is that cap?  Oh and what happen to all those wage increases?  Who exactly is defunding our elderly/disabled programs?   Uh huh...I thought so.

But what if…

All of this is major, and none of it minor.  But one thing all of this has in common is that all of it benefits the people in Republican run States that go out of their way to defund everything within their power, and they have a lot of power.   It is all stuff that gives the people a real chance at prosperity.  Including wages. If you have your health, and an education you have a better chance of landing a good job, decent home, good health, and a happy life.  BTW all these lawmakers didn’t hesitate to give themselves raises.  But the south hasn't given their States a raise in decades and refuse to do so.

They have already proven too that a person given a good chance to prosper doesn’t go to prison. Plus is better at giving back to their community, plus are not repeaters going back to prison.

Today though lawmakers are lined up to take it away and put obstacles in the way so that you will think twice before pursuing it. Either that, or they have a special interest and intend to make money off of you somehow.   This is why so many of them want to privatize everything.  They have a bunch of students that will never pay their college debt off because their career choice was either lousy or the cost of the Masters Degree was through the roof.   It wasn’t always their fault; it was the college’s fault for years throwing crappy courses at the students and then lying through their teeth trying to fill seats, and then the lender lied some more while creating predatory loans for which are still legal on student loans. They have a lot of predatory lenders happy as can be because they signed up another sucker.  Last, we have a bunch in Congress that don’t give a damn about the students or the debt.  They have done nothing to fix it.  Just who the hell are they working for?  The lenders?


Those at the top also have let the public know first hand how they feel about our Presidents racist ways.  They did nothing, and as far as I am concerned if you do nothing then that means you condone it.  You accept it.  You are also racist!  Also I can't help it if you feel they are not racist and just getting a bad rap.  You can't make this stuff up.  Either you are racist or you are a heartless sob  take your pick. Either side you take is not good, and reflects back.

My Findings are:

Everyone knows it is harder for a person of color to get a job than it is a white person.  So, if you are racist then people will defund the programs that  people of color will be going too to help them in hard times that you created. 

*Food stamps,


*loan forgiveness for college,

*grants for neighborhoods to improve,

*gerrymandering black neighborhoods so their vote doesn’t count,

*defunding their schools, scholarships that are never offered at mostly black schools.

*You pass laws that make homelessness illegal,

*and because black women have a harder time in getting good prenatal care you outlaw abortion which means more black women/infant deaths.

*You lock the men up for petty or non-violent crimes.

*You keep pot illegal and continue locking black people up for just having a joint on them. 

 *and you make real justice in the court rooms just about impossible because court appointed attorneys can’t fight cases because of sheer volume of cases they have. You don't hire attorneys to share the volume of work.

*You slap the black men in jails across America at alarming rates and the only way out is to accept plea deals for which puts the men in an automatic cycle they can’t get rid of because they are now targets on the streets.

*Keep them locked up for years by making bail impossible to pay because it is too high.  

*Deny their families by making healthcare impossible to afford.

*Death by cops while being black.

You can't possibly say all of this is by accident.  You can't call it a fluke either. None of this affects the rich and barely a white person gets caught in this cycle!  Fifteen findings that the black people have to deal with on a daily basis, and none of this has been fixed in decades.  Now add the following documentary to this list:

Slavery By Another Name

Welcome to the new Jim Crow.

The Feds

Every U.S citizen knew when life begins so does building a culture of care for every man, woman, and child from conception to grave and then ends respectfully with a burial.  All states are to offer each of their citizens the same respect, and care.  No exceptions.  People are not their Federal Governments slaves, neither are they slaves of the States. If The Feds and States refuse then start finding a way of getting them to own in at town halls and debates.  Get rid of elected officials stop voting them into office, and have an alternative to take their place.  Some want to  force them to spend a month in each of the poor neighborhoods living on the incomes of the people they forced it on.  Have them live in neighborhoods that are polluted.  This is how you get real change.  The US at all levels should demand humane treatment and so should the American people by making sure it is happening.


A real pollution accident is one not expected, it is not the holding pond put on alert because it may spring a leak, or rivers and lakes that are already causing issue on count of Plants up and down the rivers are releasing toxins into the streams, and all the people are getting is a promise with no fix.

 No one forced you into your career, or threw your business at you telling you to deal with it.  You accepted it willingly on your part. You wanted it, you funded it. So you now accept everything that goes with your job, and that includes the cleanup, and a pollution free environment that every man, woman, and child expect or deserve.


Our Congress did say they support life, and if you do then you support all life. You support the Foster children, the disabled, the poor, and the students.  You support those locked up, and those that homes were destroyed by fire, tornado, or hurricane.  You support the elderly regardless of how much money they made over their lifetime.  You support the children in broken homes, and those whose parents that clean up after you, mow your lawn, or flip your hamburger. You support the homeless, and the mentally ill.  Not just the baby in the womb.  You support the people of America.  The good, the bad. Your service is to the people as a whole and individually.  You serve the people and not the money you will make, or the business you are trying to get funded, or rich lifestyle you are trying to get, or have gotten.

 You support the baby in the womb enough to make sure the baby is born. It is a future tax payer.  Because if you only support the baby in the womb, then you support nothing but control of  money of a future earner, power, women, ridicule, you support hate, and poverty, you support everything today that is vile, the least you have to invest in them the better.  Plus the more corrupt and you have no intentions on fixing anything unless you get something back in return.  You love misery because you dish it out.  You love and support the control you have over a nation of people.  As long as you are thriving then everything is good.  To hell with everyone else.  Us and them.

That baby in the womb is irrelevant. How do I know this?  Because the whole time they spoke of protecting the baby in the womb they never once spoke of men being responsible dads. They never brought up the issues women have.  They never said men would support them, or help in raising the baby in the womb regardless if it was healthy or not.  Many women never have a nurturing dad for their children.  They never have a dad that delivers support on time, or takes part in all the aspects of the child’s life.  The only time he shows up is when he wants to throw his weight around, or excerpt control, or impress the next possible Mrs. Or impress the child, or get information.  Sad  The real sad thing is most of the lawmakers were throwing their weight around on the abortion issues, and they had no clue as to what they were talking about.  They actually looked like a bunch of idiots! They should of kept their mouths shut and let the women on the Hill handle it if it meant that much to them.  But they didn't.  So they became upset that women have a voice, and to be sure they continue to have control while they still have the Courts in their pocket they decided to pounce.  They couldn't do it later because that meant a chance of Democratic rule, and more women on the floor of Congress. Last is men never should of said a word much less change the law on abortion.. What do they know about it? Nothing, and they proved it too.

Companies halt production in Georgia over abortion law

Some in the film industry have been outspoken against a controversial Georgia abortion law, and now the heads of three production companies are saying they will not film in the state.

Woe us but we can fix this! 

We have a lot of areas in the U.S. that needs to be fixed.  All are related to the people as a whole, and to those 15 that relate to those of color that keeps them from thriving.  Equal rights, electoral system, Judicial system, healthcare, food insecurities, lack of equal education, etc.  It’s crazy that the people have to beg borrow and steal, and then wait decades to get their needs met, and all the Pentagon has to do is snap their fingers and the money is on the Generals desk within a month.  Lawmakers need a raise? DONE! Why is that?

 All these Administrations work for the people, and not the other way around.  Even the Constitution says We the People, it doesn’t say the Federal or State Governments have the last say and more power.  The people do.  Someone lost track of how this America works.  Unfortunately, we have such a dumbing down going on in this country to where some of the people can’t see what is going on right in front of their eyes.  Civics are our friend. Learn it!  Don’t allow these men to take America away from you!  Act like you give a damn.  Or people will just think America is full of a bunch of dumb Fs.

As some say though… Individual effort is important, as is native talent and sheer luck, for determining how well or poorly a person does in life. But social background, cultural affinities, and communal influence are also of great significance. But restraints are significant too.  The people are swimming in them. Some are drowning.  Most of all if everyone keeps the foot and boot off the backs of those who are truly trying to be a success, this America would be a far better place for all those in it.  Last though it is true still in America it helps to be a man white and rich. We can change this by demanding change.  You see… We are past the waiting stage for things to get done.  Our children can’t wait, black people can’t wait, nor the disabled, or elderly.  All four effect our lives daily, and we saw in the past 154 years since the civil war how the south feels about people of color. That is a long time to get things right.  That is long enough to do the right thing.

You tell your Representative’s, and Governors and such - You get your ass in gear and do the right thing across the United States,  You pass the laws, and Amendments that will help America's people thrive or you pack your bags up and move the hell out of Washington D.C.. We don’t need your bigoted, greedy or lazy  ways in Congress anymore.  While you fool everyone else, you are not fooling me, and I am not accepting excuses anymore.  I want things done right today; NOW! I am no longer accepting any excuses from any Government official.

Parents you start today teaching your children the real civics make sure you cover the bad of it as well as the good.  Cover both sides of the isle, and all races.  It’s time folks for us to have a generation of children that know the real stories and how the racist beings kept the Jim Crow alive for 154 years.

It's time that America became truly free. I myself will accept no substitutions, no waiting, no more misery. All life is precious including this planet and human life is just a part of it, although that can change. Would you like that too? A few have already said this planet would be a better place without the human race.  Think about that. Very telling.


In 1998 they realized America had to change, and wrote an article about it. I just want you to think for a moment back when Republicans not too long ago were saying that Europeans were coming to the US in droves in the 60's-90's.  It wasn't true.  The other non truth was there was no slavery mentioned in the 1960's.  Slavery was unheard of back then.  I knew it wasn't true and went on a search online for the truth.  I found it.

  They also realized...

   Since the 1960's during this period, nearly 20 million immigrants have arrived on our shores, mostly from non-European points of origin. Hispanics will soon be the nation’s largest ethnic minority group. Asian-American college students and urban entrepreneurs are more numerous and more important in the country’s economic and political life than ever before. 
Three centuries now, the communal experience of the slaves and their descendants has been shaped by political, social, and economic institutions that, by any measure, must be seen as oppressive. When we look at “underclass culture” in the American cities of today we are seeing a product of that oppressive history. It is morally obtuse and scientifically naive to say, in the face of the despair, violence, and self-destructive folly of these people, that “if they would get their acts together, like the poor Asian immigrants, then we would not have such a horrific problem in our cities.”

The following article is from 1998


These inspiring children are speaking out, claiming their rights and leading the way to the world they deserve. What will you do?

*images from Pixabay and various educational facilities across America.  Thanks guys and girls! All images are copyright free.

Florida residents want Trump to see post-hurricane suffering

It’s Not Just Freezing Classrooms in Baltimore. America’s Schools Are Physically Falling Apart.

More than half of American schools are estimated to be in buildings that are not up to standard.

In Florida and Georgia, Still Waiting on Hurricane Aid

200 days after Hurricane Michael, Florida Panhandle still waiting on Congressional action

Alabama in Worst State of Poverty in the Developed World

Extreme Poverty in America Rapporteur

Keep them poor, barely happy, and always hoping for better over the horizon.  Meanwhile a select few get to live high off the hog. Suckers!  

nearly 41 million people in the U.S. live in poverty. That's second-highest rate of poverty among rich countries, as measured by the percentage of people earning less than half the national median income, according to Quartz.


OK so I was sarcastic, and a little rude, and I have a few colorful metaphors in there too.   But I did my best to show you what is going on, and even though I realize you may not agree with everything I said I hope if you comment you will leave your own sarcastic, rude, or colorful metaphors of how you would change the things if you could.  Or fix the things we need to fix.
Don't be shy instead lets come up with a plan.  Thank you ahead of time for reading.


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