Our Healthcare Workers

 Over 1200 healthcare workers have died from Covid-19. This is devastating the healthcare industry that already is short on staff, and devoid of anyone wanting to go into the field. Aids/HIV started the spiral down and now this virus will seal the faith of the industry because no one wants to take on an industry that doesn't protect their own. Or lacks the means to protect their workers. It is clear the industry didn't, but it's also clear our own Government didn't protect them either. 

 Our own Government opened up and allowed this virus to reek havoc on our nation, and they did it with the blessing of lawmakers and Governors. Most of what happen this year didn't have to happen. If you scream fire then you get the fire department and they handle it. If you scream robbery you call the police and police department handles it. 

 But, in the case of screaming pandemic instead of just the CDC coming to our rescue and the Federal Government following directions... everyone overnight became Doctors and Nurses and magically became/had PhD's. I never seen such a mess in my entire life! All of this was botched by the Feds and our State leaders. It as also botched because never once did one Health Department Admin staff come out and tell the world that there was only one Admin handling this pandemic and everyone else needs to shut their mouth and follow directions unless they have a PhD in Pandemic science and research. No one did this.

 So our health care industry is really going to suffer for now on. All of the industry will be short on staff. Short on hospitals. This list of healthcare professionals will die in vain if we allow this to carry on without fixing it. We must demand it. Or we will never replenish our healthcare workers who were lost to Covid-19.

Photo by UerDomwet form PxHere  - hospital mask


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