"Fascism in the United States is an ideology based on power, loyalty, and fear of the Other. Where the "other" is defined either ethnically, nationality, or by religion and the leader so called represents the people, or "us" but in reality, represents a different people.

Fascism is lawlessness and chaos has increased and done in the name of law and order. The chaos is thrived on, and this is why you see police forces without signature patches stating which force they are from.  It is meant to intimidate and bring fear on the people. It is why they shoot rubber bullets, tear gas and arrest the protesters without cause.  This is also why you see police officers on the streets in military riot gear treating all people like criminals. But it most poetic point is to make someone else look good, or to give them the look of power. 

   You can have a fascist, social political movement, in a democracy and we have this across the world today.  Even Venezuela has Fascism. 

I came across the following page and thought you may like it.  It goes further than just explaining fascism, it also explains communism and in certain ways I believe a country can be fascist before it is communist.  Sure I could be wrong about this but it's interesting these page list both and shows the differences. The page is well written on this topic.  https://www.diffen.com/difference/Communism_vs_Fascism 

We have chaos because the dictator created it, and then told the people, "look at the chaos!" and then they tell you they will get rid of the chaos, but, you will lose something in this process so brace yourself and they do lose but then they end up with even more chaos instead of a fix. 

Trump doesn't see the fascism because he only sees or has a friend or foe ideology.  He is loved by his followers because they see him as a strong leader that promises to fix everything on their list and get rid of socialism.  The Democrats are seen as the instigators of the chaos.  The statement said many times is that the Press and the Democrats are the enemy and both are fake, but one is more vile than the other because they are socialist.  This makes Trump's followers not believe what is being said regardless the education the person has. Now throw in a few fake videos, and Internet news and preach from the rafters to get rid of FDR's legacy  and you, ta da! you, have more followers.  You also have a majority of these followers not even knowing exactly what they are saying but hey, it sounds good to them. 

If you allow the GOP to trash everything that FDR did to help the people then none of you will ever have a life.  You will fight for your basic needs everyday of the week, healthcare, education, housing, good wages that support you those will look like they are within your reach but you never will again have these things.  The GOP will claim you didn't work hard enough, or long enough.  But in reality you are working longer hours and the job is killing you. You can't afford a GOP education, and you are hoping no one in your family gets sick.  We are heading towards this now and many families are dealing with this stuff.  Once the GOP trashes the Labor laws, and cheapens the skills needed for jobs, and trashes college even more by not preparing our youth for higher education...in some areas they already have done this just look at the college students and find out how many of them are having to take remedial classes before taking regular college classes.  well?...


Trump is not a genius, but his followers do see him as a genius because trump tells them he is.  Chances are they never checked him out, or thought to test him. Maybe they felt as though they could trust him? Trump portrays himself to the masses as a genius, but in reality, trump only went after the deeply familiar that has been brought up many times over the centuries in any democracy. He spews the same words, trashes the same people, and shuts down everything that is a threat to him and that includes anyone not loyal.  You saw this with the Justice Department.  Plus, the people fired.  Today we have also learned many of them didn't want to follow trump's orders because what trump was asking them to do was illegal or wasn't permitted in the Admin handbook. 

A little bit of History

Trump was fascist back in 1973 when a federal lawsuit brought against Donald Trump and his company for racial discrimination at Trump housing developments in New York.   The building superintendent at that time said, 'Well, I'm only doing what my boss told me to do — I am not allowed to rent to black tenants.' " The commissioner asked the building superintendent to take him to his boss. That turned out to be Trump Management.  "Trump fought the case for two years. The Trumps took essentially the first settlement offer the federal government gave them, without having to admit guilt in settling the suit.  The Justice Department considered the case "one of the most significant race bias cases" at the time. The trumps even today claim the case was blown out of proportion.  But it wasn't. What the people saw was the real trump and how much hatred he had for the black people in the United States.  He hasn't changed today and yet, our black cultures are voting for a man who could care less if they have a neighborhood to live in, much less a job, and food on the table. Then trump went after the laws that protect our black cultures... 


Trump’s tax law disproportionately hurt African Americans.

  • African Americans were disproportionately left out from Trump’s tax cut.

  • African American households received only 5% of the benefits from Trump’s tax law, despite making up about 13% of U.S. households.


Trump rolled back Obama-era efforts geared toward protecting black students from discrimination in school punishment.

  • The Trump administration rolled back Obama-era guidance on school discipline aimed at protecting black students from being punished more severely.

  • DeVos delayed implementing regulations that helped identify racial disparities in special needs programs in public schools.

  • Trump’s Education Department rescinded Obama-era guidelines for public schools to consider race in trying to diversify their campuses.

Criminal Justice:

Trump took us backwards on criminal justice by rescinding and weakening Obama-era protections on policing.

Trump worked to make life harder for defendants and the imprisoned.

  • The Trump administration rescinded guidance geared toward protecting lower-income people from being buried in legal fees.

  • Trump’s administration cut support for prisoner halfway houses for those transitioning back into society.

  • The Trump administration sought to make legal aid less accessible and argued that some federal prisoners shouldn’t be entitled to challenge their sentences in court.

While Trump tries to publicly take credit for the release of inmates through criminal justice reform, his administration is privately working to put those same inmates back behind bars.

  • Trump is touting the First Step Act in an attempt to reach out to the Black community, but his administration is working behind the scenes to undermine the law and put the inmates Trump claims to champion back behind bars.

Trump encouraged harsher sentences for drug offenses, including non-violent ones.

  • Trump’s DOJ gave federal prosecutors wider latitude to pursue criminal drug charges and harsher sentences.

  • Trump’s DOJ reinstituted the death penalty and advised federal prosecutors to seek death sentences in cases involving large quantities of drugs.

It’s not just his policies that hurt the African American community. We all remember when Trump…

Trump defended white supremacists and repeatedly refused to denounce the KKK as a candidate and as president. 

  • Trump said removing confederate monuments was “trying to take away our culture, our history.”

  • Trump said there were “very fine people” on both sides at a white supremacist march in Charlottesville.

  • Trump refused to disavow David Duke and the KKK four times in one interview.

Trump repeatedly took aim at African Americans during his 2016 campaign.

  • Trump believed that urban minorities at large are “living in hell.”

  • Trump described African Americans and Hispanics as communities wholly impoverished and crime-ridden.

  • Trump suggested that all African Americans were living in poverty.

  • Trump claimed he had “no opinion” of whether or not there were racial disparities in law enforcement.

  • Trump decried the Black Lives Matter movement and thought they were looking for trouble.

So why are you voting for someone that hates our diverse cultures, and is deliberately hurting them? 

The Mob Boss Has Arrived

So, trump came into the white house and off the bat he acted like a mob boss.  Mob bosses’ trash what they don't need to thrive on, or hate, keep it simple or get rid of it if deemed to get in the way, and their family runs everything because the family is loyal, and this is how mob bosses’ rule. They only keep what they need to barely keep the people believing everything is running like a machine.  They throw in loyal people in the areas they have no choice but to put someone in place to run the Admin because they ran out of family to help, and those already running things are running a lot of the things on the Hill, or were fired because they were not loyal enough.  The Government is just a shell of what it used to be and it's in chaos in most areas because the chaos and the “string attachment” helps to hide the truth.  The Madeleine Albright video in it she says that she won’t call Trump fascist unless he crosses the line with the rule of law.  Well he has.  He did. Everyone saw it. 

So, did trump have documents burned or shredded? Did anyone save the most important stuff?  What will be left for the next President when trump leaves the White House?  I heard that many departments grabbed files and hid them.  But the Conservatives have no idea the loyalty to party and not the people are to blame for much of the damage done at the white house.  They did this when they called the Democrats illegitimate.  The GOP refuses to recognize any party besides itself. and they only recognize trump as leader and this is why they would hardly ever interfere with trump's directions on running the country.  But the thing is the GOP has given up on itself, and stopped being the GOP. They really are now Imposters.  Here is the best book on this topic, I am not getting anything monetary for this books recommendation.   The Impostors: How Republicans Quit Governing and Seized American Politics       

The Biggest Fix - BLM

If Biden wins he will not be fixing this overnight and quite possibly much will take a decade or more to fix.  This is where the BLM comes into play.  All the stuff black people across the US are missing like wages, equality, education, lack of good healthcare, Justice Department the GOP has either trashed, or deliberately de-funded.  BLM said they are not going anywhere until they get their demands met.  So all of these departments having to do with this stuff needs to come out of the gate swinging to get better and for the people.  Biden really has a lot on his table to deal with and the direction he takes to fix it will be either in the history books, or it will be in file 13 as a tried and failed attempt to fix the race disparities across the United States. My biggest take from this is that I believe Biden is the best person for this job. 


All of that money not spent on the people is now in the hands of the GOP for which knows how to get rich off of uncle sam  and to fund police departments across the U.S. because we all know you gotta control the people and fund the military. These rich are the Corporations that are NOW CONSIDERED PEOPLE.  This is what the GOP has created.  and they got it when Newt Gingrich in the 90s said, "the Democrats are illegitimate, and we have to roll back everything that FDR created".  This one small group within the GOP party is creating this chaos.  Human flesh is not on the books of the GOP.  They may throw a few bread crumbs at the flesh but they never ever want the people to ever have enough.  Because the idea is to have them idolize their leader in the GOP and stay in control on both sides of the coast. and make money. make lots of money.  But at the same time the people have to accept what the GOP gives them because the GOP never listens to them.  So yes, the United states is rigged.  All this money goes to those people at the top, it goes to those already so rich they don't even have to live in the US and deal with what they created.  Find out who these people are in Congress by casually asking about their thoughts about the people in the US and the Parties.  Many of them are straightforward on how they feel. If they walk away with no answer they are in bed with them.   Many call Americans thieves, but in fact they are the thieves because the people can barely live today.  They are willing to share this information.  They claim it is the people's fault. But in reality They don't care about the people; they don't care about local Government.  Many don't care about the Constitution. They care about banks and who is borrowing, and using lenders.  Money is what they care about. Who is spending on them etc.  

This all leads to Government collapse.  We need a Government that treats all people the same, and treats no one as a subpar.  Class is out the window lets have a caring for all crowd. They care so much for the health of the Nation they would never ever second guess anything that may do harm to a community, or the people. All people will get a certain amount of rights like an education, rehabilitation if they need it, healthcare and equality.  These treats people as human and not lowlife robots or subpar.   Governments protect them from outside interference, and often provide for their well-being and happiness.  They don't put obstacles in the way and tell the people too bad. This is what many people face every day.  You want a college education? Then you have to deal with our predatory loans.  You want healthcare? Deal with these prices, and the threat of bankruptcy, homelessness.  You want better wages?  too bad you are not worth it your job is not that worthy, or important so you will fight for a living.  Everything the people want or need from the Government is a fight and this has to stop.  How could anyone in Congress think any of these obstacles are fine, and much of it I believe is illegal.

Next the U.S. Government has to fix itself from within.  What could fix much of the stuff to do with ignorance on our Government is that our students must take civics and pass the course or fail and repeat.   If we have a Bill that states we will protect other countries, or an Amendment that states we will educate the U.S.  Then we do it and no one can put a obstacle in the way.  But we need one also that protects America from the money barron's, and the too big to fail.  I don’t believe one moment that one person would have so much power that they can trash programs in the U.S. without even asking Congress, and the people as a whole and has had for decades and the same goes for the States.  The U.S. is supposed to be for the people.  The Constitution says the Government was created “for the people” not the other way around. This means the Government has to protect the people.  It must meet the certain needs of the people.  So, what should these needs be?  Fighting pollution? Ending Poverty?  Education? Healthcare? Figure this out and no President should be able to de-fund or trash these programs.  The same goes for our different Federal Administration’s.   Certain Ones should be protected from abuse of power, and regulations that do harm. 

 Finally, even though the book doesn't come out and say it, the people say those at fault are the Democrats because everyone knows if you are not a conservative then you are nobody.  But these same people have forgotten who saved them in the past.  It wasn't the Republicans that saved them with social security, food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and allowed women and black people to vote.  And yet a good portion of the Republicans that are retired right now all use these programs and Bills in order to survive, and then they trash talk them to the public. Why do we as Americans accept this trash talk on these programs when they are so dependent on them? 

Fascism is in several countries across the globe and each of these countries including the U.S. are feeding off of each other. For a short version: 

Democracy Now with Jason Stanley  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1udxbLV_NY  

 For a long version: Jason Stanley: How Fascism Works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agX5v7h4_1g 

 Madeleine Albright, "Fascism: A Warning"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irjbQ4x4Uuk

Finally, I offer some advice to the flesh and blood people.  Our forefathers were right when they said, "the people rule."  This is our political gift, and it is a gift that we need to cherish every day, along with our votes. "Democracy means the people rule".  We must digest and understand that we must take charge and fix America now.  Don't accept what Politicians say about socialism. It is just a way for them to become one step closer to being a money barron, and one step closer to you fighting for everything you need to survive. Ask Finland People, ask Sweden people, ask Norway people if they like having free education and healthcare.  Ask all the countries that treat their people good instead of making them fight for everything if they like the setup they now have.

 We will have more trumps, and we will have a Republican and even a Democratic Parties out of control.  We must get off our butts and act like we care, because if we don’t, we will lose it all.  Truth is always better told in numbers and the more numbers we have the more power we have.  We have 300+ million people in the United States and not a few thousand. Unfortunately, we are more inclined to see a thousand or two fighting for the people.   Where are the millions?  138 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election. That is 58.1% of our voting-eligible population who took time out of their day to vote. Where is the 100%?  

 When things are bad you never ignore it.  Just like you never ignore a leaking roof, or a busted water heater spewing water you run to take care of these things.  You fix them as quickly as you can.  You do the same when the U.S. needs help so it can get back on track. First you vote, and you make your voice heard on your choices by first understanding what you are voting for, and secondly for the “who” person you are voting for you understand who this person is actually working for, and their what and why. Then you get up and you march because you want Government to take you seriously.  How do you expect the Government to take you seriously if millions of you are sitting at home?  Now is the time to do this because many are at home because of the Covid-19.  So, mask up and act like an American.  Give our children something to fight for. Give them an America to be proud of. Give them an America that is truly for the people. Because today…it is not. and today there is a better chance that we don't have the right numbers in order to gage what is really going on.  But we always find out in the end. Take a screenshot and save the below page and in January sometime hopefully we get to revisit. 

U.S. Economy at a Glance


Wall street is stealing people's pensions... Insurance companies are scams.. We have predatory loans... Wages are getting cut even more, and most not raised in 40 years... The Greed has gotten so bad at the top, and the public will now be getting desperate... Yes... the USA is definitely divided we have the haves and the have nots.  The sad thing is it doesn't matter anymore if you are educated. 
We always hear how the public are scamming the banks, and taxes, their jobs etc.  But no one talks about how these businesses steal from the public and how many of these businesses walk paying pennies on the dollar in restitution. Some never pay a dime.  It's like a joke where the public never understands the punch line, but they keep hearing the joke and they realize the joke is not funny, but they never complain.  Why?


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