Wear the Damn Mask

I will just come out and say it... If you refuse to wear a mask because you are not comfortable wearing one then someone needs to kick your damn ass.  I haven't heard of any woman who hasn't had to wear an uncomfortable bra, and couldn't wait to get home to take it off,  or a man that couldn't stand his new jeans because they were too tight.  Yes we heard this several times in our past you probably said it yourself if you are a grown woman that you have that one bra you only wear right before laundry day only if you have too, or on laundry day.  Plus we all know men like the back of our hands, you can't get them into a dressing room at the Gap Factory or Dillards, it just isn't happening forget it.  They purchase the jeans and run home - "on" goes the new jeans and out the door they go.  Meanwhile, later on you get a text and they are swearing they bought the right size. A couple pounds shouldn't mean that much should it?  Him: I have to break them in. stretch them a bit." 

I don't know what to say to people on the street who seem to get mad at people because they are wearing a mask.  The U.S. is a free country as far  as I know and you don't need a complete strangers permission to wear a mask.  Think about that next time you get the urge to get in someone's face and shout at them.  

I know that people are upset because of this virus.  It's no friend, I consider it a predator seeking its prey always.  You have no idea which of your family members will be infected, and what it might do to the person.  It's hit and miss.  It could be your youngest, or the oldest. I have said in  the past, "What if you are wrong and you lose your daughter or son, or a parent?"  I couldn't live with myself.  You won't be able to either, later on it will hit you like a ton of bricks. It will be the worst day in your life. Knowing that all you had to do is wear the mask, and stay out of crowds and your kid, or parent wouldn't be in the hospital right now. Don't become a statistic in our history books. You won't like what they have to say about you in years to come.  Wear the damn mask. 



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