This is Why They Riot

George Floyd 5/25/2020 - Wikimedia
One of Many Protest after the needless death of George Floyd on Memorial Day 2020

Speaking on racism... It is too late for them to be claiming they are innocent to the racist remarks coming from a racist lips. The excuse of that is how they were raised doesn't cut it anymore.  Plenty time over the decades to teach that racism is wrong and yet still everyone says we need to teach people on how not to be racist. 

 really?    They don't know the word called respect?  I bet they learned how to treat that grand wizard with respect. I guess too that shows how much respect they have for their own parents too. They should be ashamed. /rolls eyes

Our own Government doesn't respect it's people.  The Government is too busy trying to trash what little help they give out.  But they sure want their money on tax day.  

What the hell happened to the respect of your own citizens?  Why is the US Government always trying to lay blame of their opposing Party or on fraud with no proof while they are signing on the line to take another Government Program away?  What's wrong with Congress?  Have they forgotten all of the decency that was taught to them by their own Moms? 

Much of this denying people of their dignity and their rights could be solved if our own Government would do the following now.   I do mean all of this too. 

  • a fair wage based on cost of living
  • as good as healthcare as rich white people get
  • fair and decent housing that is not falling apart or poisoned by lead or asbestos
  • better education that readies a person for a good college that is NOT piggybacked with a predatory loan and  a Career that pays them pennys. 
  • treat them decently and lawfully in the justice system
  • Don't use just punishment in Prison use more rehabilitation 
  • bring equality to everyone don't pick or choose who will get what. Grant good change and equality to ALL.

Look at your own self on how you treat someone differently or look down on them because they are not the right color or male enough, educated enough, rich enough to meet your  own so called standards. You need only to look at our school system and see the disparity in how it works to know it's broken.  How you respect or disrespect another person because you feel intimidated because of the color of their skin that is in front of you. Or you feel certain people were made for low jobs and that is why they are called a low life.  Reality is many don't know any different so they have a roll they put in place to help them cope.  The neighborhoods that many would not visit all have coping mechanisms in place to help them survive and cope with their everyday lives. 

We have to break this habit by not allowing our own Government to separate the people by color or class for starters. 

A white male has everything at his disposal.  He never begged for a thing. Everyone else has to fight or beg for it.  People are sick of this divide.   Work for pay was based decades ago by how hard you worked and we need that back again. What we don't need is people working 30-40 hours a week and still poor and in need of food, rent and utilities help all based on a job that many today labeled essential.  

There is so much inequality in the United States today it's hard to tell the difference between 1920s and 2020.  Back in the 1920s they hung the ones they didn't like alongside the mass murders, They were happy to hang black people that were thriving, and burn their towns and neighborhoods to the ground. From 1900 til almost the 60's they were trashing towns and neighborhoods because black neighborhoods were doing better than the white ones. Today is the anniversary of one of those massacres.  The Tulsa race massacre of 1921 took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921. That was 99 years ago today and yet you never read about it in your school books, nor did your local news tell you about it in their "today in history segment.  

Today they keep them poor,  limit their neighborhoods stores,  concentrate the poor into select areas, trash their voting rights, education, healthcare, wages, and keep them in order by killing them in the streets in broad daylight using law enforcement, and they even gave it a name they call it social class  but it's  really called "racist social inequality", and it works for those who just want to use people when it's convenient, and trash/downgrade them just enough to keep them low enough down the totem pole so they can find them when they need them again. For which that can be any time white people don't want to do the job themselves.

Cops killing people of color, joblessness, unemployment, poor housing, concentrated poverty, people without opportunity this is why they have protested for decades! And yet black communities have been asking for change for those same decades and they are still waiting.  To change policing you must change what is wrong with the joblessness, unemployment, poor housing, concentrated poverty, people without opportunity. Because many in these neighborhoods are living in a fight or flight world.  As long as they are living like this day to day much of the violence will continue. 


We found out during this Covid-19 outbreak which jobs are needed and which ones should shut down.   It turned out that all the poor workers including fast food workers, processing, farmers, truckers, all hospital personnel , but many in local Government were not needed.  So one could say that when wages were assigned to certain jobs someone screwed up. 

 These jobs are essential jobs now and should be treated as such.  
 A minor amount of $1200 paid to the people if compared to the millions paid to each rich business owner who had their hands out for the cash and got the majority of it before mom and pop stores could get any.  Now they are back to square one and Republicans are sitting on their hands. When asked about why the money went to millionaires...gee no one had an idea on how that happened.  The kicker is nothing is being done to get this money to the right people.  They don't care about the people. What they do care about is not having too many bottom feeders getting a taste of what it really is like having money to thrive on.  As for the businesses lost in the money hand out. That is no problem those people were living paycheck to paycheck their money never left the neighborhood.  


When Chauvin put his knee on Floyd's neck and didn't budge for almost nine minutes he was showing everyone how powerfully low he felt about the life of a black human being who he felt disobeyed a law and was very low and not equal to him. Black people are three times more likely to be killed by police than are white people.   That fake 20 dollar bill was worth more than Floyd's life.  That is why he pressed his knee into Floyd's neck and pinned him to the ground. You can't disrespect a person anymore than that unless you take a life and Chauvin did do this breath by breath every time he told someone, "no" for every time he was asked (many times)  if, "Floyd was okay he looked to be in distress".
It was over with... When Floyd was taken to the morgue and all the cops went home all was done and over with they didn't have any idea that people were coming out in masses and protesting and rioting all over the United States for days because maybe the protesters cared more for Floyd's life than their local police department did.  This was a travesty. As  both of the pictures depicts people were dealing with Covid-19 and risking their health to fight for what was the right thing. 
A man stands on a burned out car on Thursday morning as fires burn behind
A man stands on a burned out car on Thursday morning as fires burn behind
him in the Lake St area of Minneapolis, Minnesota May 28, 2020

When you hear someone calling for help you are supposed to either help, or get help. Floyd cried for help and was ignored by the very people sworn to serve and protect.  This officer failed in the most basic human dignity sense. So Tuesday afternoon all four officers were terminated after the chief  reviewed the evidence.  The chief had not seen any evidence that the use of force was justified. The officials said the tactics used by the officer were not sanctioned by MPD. By Friday Chauvin was taken into custody and faced charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter.  Four days waiting for justice and we all know if a poor black man had of done half of what Chauvin had done they would have had him behind bars long before Memorial Day ended. Plus the public are still waiting today for justice to be served on the other cops involved in this case. It hasn't. One week later and those officers still have their lives and freedom.  Meanwhile, George Floyd death was found that the unarmed black man died from "asphyxiation from sustained pressure," according to attorney Ben Crump.
Floyd was essentially "dead on the scene" in Minneapolis on May 25, Crump said. 

Race Relations

So far we are not fighting the issue of race relations in the United States.  The people see this issue as it is, and know that Government involvement means nothing will be done.  The people are not stupid.  Myself included will not accept any more excuses and demand the United States fix this.  From top to bottom, left and right.  Beg all you want for the people to leave the streets.  Most are peaceful. But you will get no peace until there is equality for all.  As long as racism is allowed in office then Trump, Barr, Miler, Graham, McConnell racism, and bigotry are only going to thrive.  As long as you hire these bigots no one will respect our Nation. 

Because your promises were always broken and the people are sick of promises and want equality and respect and will not accept anything less than the vision of equality and true freedom that those at the top have and claim we all have in our United States Constitution but never actually gave to ALL the people...  We will march and we will do this UNITED and peacefully together until the United States fights for the rights of all men and women, and not just the few.

Love All of Your Neighbors and Not Just One Section of Town. 

Nothing has changed with race relations.
Six years later and we still have the "too much force"
life issue with police officers.


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