Covid-19 is The Perfect Virus

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We couldn't have been hit with a more perfect type of virus than the Covid-19.   It has disrupted lives. Trashed the economy. Made world leaders front and center trying to fight back the ill and death it has caused, and then it opened them up to scrutiny for good and bad decisions they made. Then Covid-19 showed the world who the fools were and who were the humanitarians. It showed the hearts of men and the lack of. But it also showed us who was educated enough to handle the crisis created by Covid-19

It has disrupted our supply chain beyond the next six months.  Many drugs people are dependent on are either exhausted, or fixing to be.  Cleaning supplies is also scarce.  Medical supplies is treated like gold now days because it's scarce and needed so badly in the healthcare industry. They literally have secret missions flying this supplies all around the world. The food industry has also been hit hard.  Many areas of the country people wait in lines 2 to 3 miles long for their next meal.

This whole planet has been turned upside down by a virus called Covid-19.  It has shown us how vulnerable we are.  Pointed out our weaknesses, our strengths. Showed us how good and bad we are at taking care of ourselves and others. It also pointed out who really is pro life.  Made us actually see who our real heroes are and who to brush off because they don't seem that important anymore to us.
Covid-19 made fools out of grown men making millions of dollars, and made heroes out of nurses and doctors on the front lines of hospitals and nursing homes across the United States while making below par wages.  It put fast food workers on a pedestal and it shut down billion dollar businesses because they are not a necessity.  So who really is important?

The virus is really killing a lot of people in low-income jobs. Plus it's killing a lot of black people, who have been fighting racism for centuries, but they still will be personally blamed for their outcome when this is over.

But it also took good men and women away from us. Killed teens and young adults in the prime of their lives in college.  It even killed children and that proved what a monster it really is.  It devastated our elderly population in nursing homes and many of us will be asking those most important questions when all of this is over and that is, "Can nursing homes be saved, and can they be made safer?"" Or is this out of the nursing homes hands because of the type of care they provide to an already vulnerable population?"

Monica Schoch-Spana, a medical anthropologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.  Speaking about the elderly said, “They are culture keepers, full of stories of how you get through major tragedies and upheavals.”

Today our young are the gate keepers who will decide on how to finally fix this mess around the world that permits a few to choose who is expendable, and who is worth saving.  They have some big shoes to fill.

Yes Covid-19 is the perfect virus to hit this planet because it showed the world just how equality works all across the globe.  It showed us how great we are at taking care of our own.  It also showed us how vulnerable we are to just a select few people on this planet at making life decisions that affect us all.  Regardless of the prejudice spewing from the lips of a bigot who gets to decide who receives treatment or not.  There was not one person who came forward to object to his decisions, and why.  Using Puerto Rico as an example no one cried for them while their healthcare needs went unanswered. No one blinked. Not even the Press. Puerto Rico was left to fight the virus on their own.

There is no such thing as going back to normal unless you mean the racism many endured.  The neglect received, the immense disparities from one section of town to the next.  We must fix these issues if we are ever to make any headway in fighting the virus, or a future virus or plague.  We will be just be playing musical chairs if we don't get this done right. 

Most importantly we must right the wrong committed against people just because they are not rich enough, young enough, educated enough, or white enough.  There is our true virus that has been a plague for hundreds of years. That is what is giving rise to Covid-19.  We must ALL fix the wrong committed against our people and fight Covid-19. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health issue. It is a profound shock to our societies and economies, and women are at the heart of care and response efforts underway. That's right! The majority are women fighting this pandemic.  Not men.

Demand Equality for all because women proved themselves able to handle a crisis.  The waiting is over I demand EQUALITY FOR ALL!

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