What makes a country a great country? Is it great because the people have jobs? Have their necessities met or available?  Or is it because they get to vote?  Is it because they have an education?   Or have a Doctor available if they are sick? Is freedom and democracy the major part of a great country?  What parts of America make it great? What parts don't make it great?

Many countries today believe they are great but the United States in not number one.  The United States ranks No. 7 overall, bolstered by being seen as the most powerful country. While the U.S. scores highly for its entrepreneurship and cultural influence, the country is damaged by the sharpest drop in global trust since 2016 among all countries assessed.

The Top 5 Countries in the World

The fifth edition of the global survey shows long-term worries over inequality, technology and climate change – and a precipitous fall in the world’s trust of the United States. The UK didn't fair much better losing their rank in the top five they had to settle for number 6.  

  • The U.K. suffered the second-largest drop in trust worldwide since 2016, although far less than the U.S.
  • Ninety percent of survey respondents say women should be entitled to the same rights as men, the highest level of agreement in the survey. Yet only 64% say women have the same economic opportunities in their country as men.
  • The global public's worries about technology persist, with a sharp majority of respondents seeking tighter regulation of Big Tech companies and calling for a global set of standards for the internet.
  • Global concerns over the impact of climate change remain high, but in European countries public opinion is divided on how effective the countries' policies are.

  • All of this is important and unfortunately the United States is not just failing in these areas.  The rest of the world may have a clue as to what is going on. But non of them are brave enough to come forward and tell the US to clean up their act.  Not even the United Nations. Why? 

    The people have become apathetic and surrendered their civil liberties to paranoia that the Government made, or took advantage of certain events in order to get the right response from their citizens. The Government shackled our economy with debt and default instead of being the world's most responsible economic leader. The United States meddled in affairs that aren't ours, lost the respect of many nations. The US prioritized foreign interests over their own citizens and become so overly zealous to where the people have been blinded to what has really been thrown into their faces, and made to bare by their own country. 

    Our generation is the first generation of Americans who will be worse off than their parents, economically, physically, and emotionally.  Most caused because the people have lost their respect of our Government, and our Government has abandon the people.  Today we as citizens are only needed during an election cycle. The rest the Government does on their own without considering input by the people.  The Majority of Bills passed are considered by the cold hard cash the politicians have in their hands.  The more generous the lobbyist are the better the Bill.  

    What really sealed the faith of 327.2+ million Americans was by allowing someone with no healthcare expertise to call the shots on how to deal with a virus in the United States.  But it need not be that way.  If as long as we have a group of men and women to put their battles aside and tell those on the Hill they don't know crap and shut up so that our teams of highly Educated people can do their jobs.  If not well...

    Meanwhile, we will have more following in the footsteps of the post below.  

    What a sad way to go.  Please explain to me why in hell we allow our Lawmakers and the Hill to decide the faith of our own people like this?  Who in their right mind would even think this is okay? Are we this barbaric?  Do we live in medieval times? Have we forgotten that we also have family that could fall into this sort of predicament, or similar?  Which family member is your favorite?  You are never guaranteed your least favorite will be the one to fall on hard times.  Even if they did, for you to think like that is really bad.  I have seen the worst people come out smelling like a rose. I have seen them fall too.  Now imagine your favorite person falls on hard times and they are faced with this same decision.  Just because you have money this year doesn't mean you will two years, or ten years from now, or next month.   In today's world it is not that hard to do with the cost of living so high and where will your friends be when that happens? Where will you be?  

    I look forward to the day that all of the top ten countries are ranked as number one.  But will the United States ever get there? 


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