The US Ranks 27th in the World in Education and Healthcare

So who is the bad guy?  Is it the people that want the social programs trashed or the politician that wants the social programs trashed?  Ask yourself, who started this socialism is bad craze?  You either don't remember, or you remember it was your politician when he/she sent word either on TV, radio, or Internet to you that people don't want a socialist system in place.  But who called the United States a "want to be" socialist country?  It was again the politicians back in 2015-2016 when Bernie Sanders was running for election. The politicians decided that socialism had no place in the U.S.  and the U.S. wasn't going to have it.  (Purdue said not on his watch)  It had nothing to do with the people.  They had no say so.  If you ask the people they or at least many don't even know what that means to them in the United States. The majority were just pushing the politician points.

Oh my gosh, I think I got 30+ emails a week telling me Bernie was trying to turn the US into a socialist freak show, or he was creating a dictator society.  Perdue was pushing that his constituents didn't want it. But I asked many people online and off from my area and they all said they didn't know where the man got that idea from. No one asked, and I believe what happened is that Perdue only asked a few select people that guaranteed him a no.   ALL the emails were from politicians.  ...and look at what we have now.  Medicare, Medicaid, The VA, public education, and welfare are all considered socialist programs.  They are all being destroyed within right now by our politicians.  They have said if they had their way the people wouldn't have access to any of these programs.  Meanwhile, they announce to the people the programs don't work. Or fraud is rampant.  It's not that the programs don't work as they should, they have for decades and it has been proven the programs don't suffer from rampant fraud, and are clearly being shown as financed in the past and present. It is because the politicians can't keep their hands off of them.  They have removed billions of dollars from these programs, called the public derogatory names, like lazy, thieves, slapped the people in the face telling them to pick up the tab or depend on the non-profits.  So what if you can't afford that $1,000 a month drug.  GET TO WORK!  Word is too that today non-profits are overwhelmed.

A totally socialist society is one where they just go to the market and grab their food, and go home.   As a matter of fact, you don't even need to work but a little bit every week.  The rest of the time you can party it up, take vacations, or go to school to get that BA you always wanted in poetry.  I am kidding here, but the politicians do milk it for all it's worth. Once they get on a roll there is no telling what will spew from their mouths. The fact is Politicians throw this stuff into the faces of America.  They deny the public the wages while they get a raise. They trash the programs that Americans need.

 That type of socialism would never happen in the US because a majority of the people would rather work.  I know I did.  I loved it.  I can't be the only one thinking, "Please never take my job away from me!" and then one day my job packed up and went to Mexico.  I blame this is Politicians.

Socialism means the money made belongs to the people who make the things, instead of a group of private owners. People who agree with this type of system are called socialists and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the government as a whole.

But this is not what the US people want to create.  You must also know total Socialism can't happen in the US.  Unless they change the Constitution it won't happen.  No one wants to change to total socialism.  Everyone knows people are happier if they have a purpose.  The thing is the politicians have told the people that socialism doesn't work, or they tell them we can't be like Finland their talking points go as far as telling the public that a select few want total socialism.  Well, no they don't and if you are a politician then it doesn't work because you are trashing the program before it gets started, just like all the other social programs we already have. Mainly because the Politicians don't want it to work.  So they sabotage the programs.  But if the Politicians left the programs alone that the people want it would raise the people of the US out of poverty.  It will take a heavy burden off their shoulders. It will breathe new life into the economy, and finally, everyone will be healthier and well educated and just imagine how that will help the US.  Imagine how this will help your children ...And just so you know the people I don't believe want a total socialist society anyways.  They just want Health Care and Education covered.  The politicians want you to think you have to have it all, but that is not true either.  Many countries around the world but mainly in Europe have certain parts covered by the Government.  The rest is up to the people.  So they still work hard, they are more educated than Americans are, and they are healthy.  The US was once a leader for healthcare and education — now it ranks 27th in the world.  The biggest reason is capitalism is doing it's best to destroy free education so they can privatize it.  In other words, you will be paying for your child's education one day.  Who do you need to thank for this?  The politicians.  You just know too that many families will be priced out of education when that happens.  I bet you can guess who those families will be too.

I got a bridge for you! 

The talking points are price to make education and healthcare work.  The people are transfixed on the Conservative talking points that the programs will be expensive. 

No more than it is now.  First, if we have a healthcare program we won't need Medicare or Medicaid unless the Government plans to use one of these programs as a starting point.  Both programs are expensive because the Government doesn't set the prices.  Next either both will go, or one will stay, and both cost in the billions, so there is part of the money right there is to set prices.  The other point is people will pay into the new healthcare.  No freebies. And...   people can choose their health insurance or the new program.  If I had a choice everyone would pay into the program just like they do with Social Security.  Because eventually everyone grows old and doesn't work unless they have a Pension.  But that point is mute because Politicians are trashing the Pension programs as fast as they can.  As pointed out though they do this because a big business will save big money. 


As I said Finland remains to this day — a country and an economy committed to markets, private businesses, and capitalism. It is not a total socialist society. They chose education and healthcare then giving the people a few family days off with perks that they can take when they want too and not when they have too, or not at all. They have many perks, and much of it is to keep families happy, and Business from raising hell about it. They did this because they knew if their people were healthy, happy and well educated they would thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Finland way long ago knew that capitalism by itself only works for a while.  Today Finland booms with the production of all kinds.  If the US had just half of what Finland has the people would be ecstatic. You should also forget what any Politician in the US has said negatively about them.  They call Finland the welfare state, also said there are no jobs.  This is not true.  Finland has low unemployment and great jobs.  They have one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies too.  The largest industries are electronics (21.6 percent), machinery, vehicles and other engineered metal products (21.1 percent), forest industry (13.1 percent), and chemicals (10.9 percent). Finland has timber and several mineral and freshwater resources. The biggest manufacturer in Finland being Isku and the most famous perhaps Artek, which markets furniture designed by Alvar Aalto.

Capitalists in the United States have taken a different path. They’ve slashed taxes, weakened government, crushed unions and privatized essential services in the pursuit of excess profits. All of this leaves workers painfully vulnerable to capitalism’s dynamic disruptions. Even well-positioned Americans now struggle under debilitating pressures, and a majority inhabit a treacherous Wild West where poverty, homelessness, medical bankruptcy, addiction and incarceration can be just a bit of bad luck away. Americans are told that this is freedom and that it is the most heroic way to live. It’s the same message Finns were fed a century ago. 
It is no surprise that resentment and fear have become rampant in the United States, and that President Trump got elected on a promise to turn the clock backward on globalization. Nor is it surprising that American workers are fighting back; the number of workers involved in strikes last year in the United States was the highest since the 1980s, and this year’s General Motors strike was the company’s longest in nearly 50 years. Nor should it surprise anyone that fully half of the rising generation of Americans, aged 18 to 29, according to Gallup polling, have a positive view of socialism.

The prospect of a future full of socialists seems finally to be getting the attention of some American business leaders. For years the venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has been warning his “fellow zillionaires” that “the pitchforks are coming for us.” Warren Buffett has been calling for higher taxes on the rich, and this year the hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio admitted that “capitalism basically is not working for the majority of people.” Peter Georgescu, chairman emeritus of Young & Rubicam, has put it perhaps most succinctly: He sees capitalism “slowly committing suicide.”In recent months such concerns have spread throughout the capitalist establishment. The Financial Times rocked its business-friendly readership with a high-profile series admitting that capitalism has indeed become “rigged” and that it desperately needs a “reset,” to restore truly free markets and bring back real opportunity. Leading captains of finance and industry in the United States rocked the business world, too, with a joint declaration from the Business Roundtable that they will now prioritize not only profits but also “employees, customers, shareholders and the communities.” They are calling this “stakeholder capitalism.”      ( 
What Finland businesses do is focus on business — including good-faith negotiations with their unions — while letting citizens vote for politicians who use government to deliver a set of robust universal public services.  Throughout the 20th century Finland remained — and remains to this day — a country and an economy committed to markets, private businesses and capitalism.

The US

 In the US their focus is on business and cash. They don't focus on the people aspect of things unless they want something back.  If you fail it is your fault.  This is old capitalism, and we need a new form of capitalism. One that cares for the people as much as the CEO's do for their bank accounts and stock portfolios.   The one that actually does care about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and one to where the people worry less about being deeply insecure and anxious.  Soon businesses will catch on and realize they can't continue on the way they are only because even though the money is decent it is slowing down, and they are hemorrhaging employees.

 Part of the problem in the United States has been taken over by means of the most hateful, non-empathetic, bank robbers imaginable. Greed is their middle name.  And those now in charge of the federal government on one side are upper-crust D- students who know no history or geography, can't do math when it comes to the destruction they have done plus either hang with or are a part of the club of in the open white supremacists, now add to this mix  “Christians that have their own issues, and agenda” and plus, most frighteningly, psychopathic personalities abound within the group as a whole. Basically, as a whole they are the most colorful of metaphors there are in the US. Last is they all think they are the entitled ones, and the people are there to toy with so they can get as much money as they can.

 Psychopaths know full well the suffering their actions, and lack of may cause others, but they do not care. They cannot care because they have no empathy.  As long as they get what they want.  If you want to fix America then you must clean up Washington.  If you are an unfortunate Politician that happens to care you need to stop telling the public only what you plan to do but do also tell how your plans will affect the population.  Tell them how you will make their lives better.  The people have heard the same song and dance routine for decades and nothing gets done.  Or only half done, and later taken away regardless.  They hear the word socialist and it brings back memories or past talks of people claiming America will lose its liberty, and its values many fought hard to get and retain. Most Americans have a vague idea of what socialism is, and many have no clue how having just two socialism type programs of Education, and Health Care will make their lives so much better. The lie they were told is if you accept the free education, and healthcare then you are a socialist.  But it's not true capitalism will still be around.  So it's time to educate the masses, and we have time to do this before the new President is elected.

Meanwhile, we learn from past mistakes.  One was on Obamacare.  You can't leave half of the program up for review and administered by the opposing  Politicians.  If you are creating something for the people then please make it tamperproof.  They will screw it over every time regardless of the politics side.  This is what happened to the Medicaid expansion.  Many were left out because their state refused to use the Medicaid expansion, or they regulated to the point where many were left out.
Keep the Bill totally Federal or the people will end up with another program the States will be out to trash.

Back to Finland Sort of

From what I gather many people in the US have duel citizenship with Finland and a few other countries in that area.  Some left the US for Finland or one of the other countries.  One person I know of that left the US said they are leaving before hell brakes out in the US.  They didn't elaborate on this.  I haven't heard from them in like 8-10 months.   But people in the US are migrating to other states as well in the US.  They claim something may happen.  A few say the President is up to no good and they want to be in a safe Democrat State.   I don't know if the "something may happen" is even true, but word is a lot of people that could afford it left the US.  This is why many left the country as soon as the President was saying his BS, and people caught word of the Russia crap.  You could look this up, and word is even the President mentioned in a news broadcast about the people leaving the country and he called them traitors or something.

I am signing off now this is long enough so leave a comment and let me know what you think about all of this or just one part.

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