Pollution? This is All About Betrayal

The Cuyahoga River fire
The Cuyahoga River fire

Now comes the time that I irk the public and make quite a few angry. But not any angrier than the promises put out to the public that never materialized and helped our planet as well as help the people.

You see as people we see humanity takes a back seat when it comes to doing the right thing. We are regardless if anyone admits to it or not, at the cusp of having two ends meet with still no resolve. On one side we have those that claim to care and have done nothing. On the other, we have those that have done as little as possible, but plenty of time on their side is in place and the blame has shifted to the public.
50 years have passed and much was done to go through a little bit of motion without too much to see as in getting done. We got promised long ago the planet would be cleaned up and pollution will no longer be tolerated. This came about in 1969 when rivers and lakes were catching on fire. It was then cities, states, and even our Governments around the world said they got a first-hand look at what pollution can do to our planet, and it took them 50 years to clean up the mess that man created from the 1800s until 1969 when a couple of our rivers up north started retaliating by catching fire. Today our lakes and rivers are retaliating because of lead, and our children and elderly are suffering from it. People are even dying because of it. Like always our Governments say it is out of their hands, all they can do is replace pipes, but it doesn't give children their health back. Once the poison is in you no one knows what your life will bring, or what you will lack mentally or physically.

No one that is an adult is screaming loud enough for this stuff to stop. Cities everywhere are in slow motion in hopes of the public forgetting. This is how things are getting fixed. When someone says, "fix it" they make up excuses if the noise gets loud. Then they resort to using funding as an excuse. Or they use their political affiliation as an excuse, then ride it out in the courtrooms until they exhaust the money. 

What they didn't say is, "where is the lead coming from and how fast can we clean this up? Chances are if your home was built before 1986 you could have lead pipes or have some type of lead contaminant.

Due to its toxicity, most cities moved away from lead water-supply piping by the 1920s in the United States, although lead pipes were approved by national plumbing codes into the 1980s, and lead was used in plumbing solder for drinking water until it was banned in 1986. A lot of homes have lead pipes etc in their home and they don't know it.

OUR OCEAN IS OUR LIVELIHOOD. Tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton contribute 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere. If we don't start now taking care of it it will take way more than 50 years to clean up, and we could run out of people before it gets clean because once the oxygen is gone so are we. Our reefs will not fix themselves. How will we know oxygen is an issue? People will have more accidents of all kinds because their bodies lack the oxygen it needs means our brains will suffer first and will be the first sign there is a problem.

This was done by some of the same companies you see today... Oil, Steel, lumber, plastic, healthcare industry, auto, farming, you name it has taken a tow on this planet. But individual people have too. Our water, air, and land are essential to life yet we have Businesses around the world polluting at alarming rates. In some countries, the pollution is done deliberately. 

Actually, we are all to blame because we didn't stop the pollution from happening, or we own a business and ignored the pollution we were making, or we didn't clean up the pollution we made.
Plus there is illegal dumping and a whole host of things happening. 

Greta Thunberg warns world leaders that 'we will not let you get away with this' - Addressing the UN climate summit in NYC, she said: "This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you?"

She is right. No one is trying hard or we have just a select few that actually give a damn and are trying to help and everyone else it's business as always. Meanwhile, the select few trying to help are meeting obstacles at every turn.   But the saddest of all is that instead of the adults in the room fixing the issues we would rather wait for our children too fix what is wrong. Unfortunately, it may be too late by then if your children are real young. 

Capitalism at it's worst? Money is more important than life itself? The adults in charge have an FU attitude? It looks that way. How sad. and it takes a child to do the grown-up thing. shame on us all. 

The other part too this is what we lose in the future people will be fighting for. Do you want to see your children, your family fighting for water?  Clean land?  Clean food or for oxygen tanks at the Drug Store?  Why are we fighting for this stuff to be dealt with?  Why are we trying to get our Governments to comply and clean up? Why today are we having such a high instance of cancer, lung, and heart disease issues?  Don't you think it is odd that everything that sustains life is either underfire today or being destroyed?  Think about that. 

Life is worth saving not those plastic straws, and one-use water bottles.  It is not the planet's fault you built your business around a product that creates the worst pollution there is on the planet.  Now get off your bumper and help us clean this mess up! 

 Young people are starting to understand the betrayal. The question is do you understand the betrayal?  Do you understand where your information is coming from?  Government? Lobbyist? Corporate?  Science?   Who is really educated about this? It is not your bank account, nor anyone else who has the biggest bank account.  We didn't educate our scientists for grins and giggles.  We didn't teach them ignorance is bliss so sleep in on the day they teach you how to clean the planet and why you should clean it. Or why you need to limit pollution. Stupidity doesn't make a bright future for science or health.  Who is more prone to know the truth is the person most educated on the subject, and not the one passing the cash under the table. 

We explore the risk that self-reinforcing feedbacks could push the Earth System toward a planetary threshold that, if crossed, could prevent stabilization of the climate at intermediate temperature rises and cause continued warming on a “Hothouse Earth” pathway even as human emissions are reduced. Crossing the threshold would lead to a much higher global average temperature than any interglacial in the past 1.2 million years and to sea levels significantly higher than at any time in the Holocene. We examine the evidence that such a threshold might exist and where it might be. If the threshold is crossed, the resulting trajectory would likely cause serious disruptions to ecosystems, society, and economies. Collective human action is required to steer the Earth System away from a potential threshold and stabilize it in a habitable interglacial-like state. Such action entails stewardship of the entire Earth System—biosphere, climate, and societies—and could include decarbonization of the global economy, enhancement of biosphere carbon sinks, behavioral changes, technological innovations, new governance arrangements, and transformed social values.

So you see this is really all about betrayal.  It is about Corporations and Government killing the environment and blaming it on the people.  It is about Governments promising to fix the pollution but instead dragging their feet while the public lives in a  dirty environment. It's not in their neighborhood, it's in yours.  It is about a Government that looks to the people and expects them to clean up after the Government cronies who ruin the earth or does a half-assed job cleaning up.   Last it is about a Government that ignores the pollution and the health care problems caused in the aftermath, and then expects the people to accept all the outcomes without crying out pollution is no accident.  Pollution isn't an accident, it is well thought out cheap plan and the public are the victims of a merciless assault by men laughing all the way to the bank. 

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