Our Mission in Life is to Help All Americans Discover their Potential

The greatbig.com site said,  "As kids, we wanted to be astronauts, explorers, scientists and artists. As adults, we are a global team of storytellers, inquisitive and unconventional, determined to change the way you see the world."

I believe there is magic in a world that supports and encourages all children regardless of how you feel about the child possibly being different than you are,  and it’s our mission in life to help them discover their potential. When you put obstacles in their way you are stopping creation, cures, science, math, and when you do this you are showing the world how you feel for others.  You hate them if you don't help them thrive in all ways possible.   The United States has never had a period of time or society in which racial prejudice and discrimination no longer existed. So where is the majority of hate clustered in the United States?  Think about that.

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. 

Solving the Social 


1.47 billion people log in daily to Facebook, and 500 million tweets are sent each day.  But our useful Facebook and Twitter can't solve the racism problem on their platforms. So far nothing has, because as soon as we think we have a handle on it...the monster comes out of the closet and creates havoc from coast to coast.  Recently the problems were the software used to collect the data that has the tags for which decided that someone didn't quite write the code correctly.  So the code was either spewing/collecting nonsense, or it was spewing far worse garbage than what a racist could think of.  ...well at least at that moment.  But... We have had software that has collected data for years now.  Business everywhere jumps into action as soon as they see a need for something they put several people together to develop software.

Record amounts of data from around the world, and in our neighborhoods are collected every day.  So why hasn't this software had the same issues as Facebook?  Facebook and Twitter are doing more than just collecting?  Something IMO odd is happening, and I kind of wonder if it's more about Facebook not wanting to comply, and more about them having free run of our information for other purposes. The US can't solve the social website problems only the social platforms can. Unless the people say they have had enough and unsubscribe.   But don't expect this to happen anytime soon we have dealt with hacks, and thefts of personal information for years and nothing has happened about that either. Not even the public bats an eye.  Which brings me back to the people's data.  Nothing gets fixed anymore.  It gets covered up. We get a lot of "I'm sorry."  and then it's business as usual.   All of this racist stuff happening on social media?  I don't see it getting fixed either.



43+ percent of us in the United States are poor or low-income, a report by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and the Poor People’s Campaign found. And nearly half of all U.S. citizens would be unable to afford a $400 emergency, as per a 2016 Federal Reserve study. Disproportionately affected are people of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, single mothers, children, and transgender people.

That pretty much sums up who is under attack in the U.S.  For certain though the US Government has been on the attack for decades, and when they finally reached their limit they handed the keys over to the States.  Now it's their turn, and they are doing a marvelous job.  Meanwhile, the percentage of poor in the United States is deplorable.  Even the United Nations said what is happening in the US is horrible you expect this type of treatment in third world countries and not in one of the richest countries in the world.

What are lawmakers saying?  "They are not poor. they own two cars, a microwave, a cellphone, have at least two TV's,  a stereo system and at least one game console."   ...I have one question though... How old is their stuff? Who is to say six years ago they were doing great?  That is how it works these days.  A few years of bliss, and then all hell brakes lose.  I just replaced a couple years ago a twelve-year-old home theater system. Or at least it was twelve years old when I had to trash it but actually it was bought used and it was five years old when I bought it.  No way could I afford a brand new 6 DVD plus CD and radio AM/FM plus 8 speakers home theater brand new.  But I swear by these things you can't go wrong buying one.  Today I own a two-year-old Samsung model. Very nice too. It doesn't have eight speakers though. It seems as long as you have a few extra hundreds you can get the multi DVD too.  Mine plays 1 DVD at a time nowadays. The multi DVD was nice while it lasted.


When raising children. It never has gotten easier it has gotten harder to give a child a good happy life. Too much going on in this world.   

When all of us were really young we wanted to fly in the clouds, explore our back yards, soar high on our bikes, and watch a homemade volcano spew towards the sky/ceiling and make a mess of things.  We wanted the same for our children.  So we did our best as parents to mimic those fond memories we had as a child, and balance in-between those lessons they needed to learn now before they were adults. 

We had no clue that the life lessons inside us limit choices for us we never thought of. We didn't know that  certain races, genders,  had obstacles that were only bestowed on them and their family, Church, neighborhood up to their State and Federal would do much to shape what the child would become regardless of how the family felt about it everything takes a toll on a child's upbringing.

 You learn by the time you reach your teen years that a privilege is something that is granted to you from a source outside from you and therefore can be taken away by that same source. A right is something inherent to you from the time you are born and cannot be taken away from you by any other person or entity.  (Although today by law can be taken away.)  As many of our lawmakers have shown us today not even a right is protected by our own courts and lawmakers, and they can do so because the people sit back and say nothing because they don't believe they have the power today to stop them.  You learn who can give you these privileges and rights, and who to you could cause you to lose your privileges and rights.  You see first hand who really cares about the people, and who doesn't give a damn about you or your family, or even your neighborhood.

Sexual orientation or culture can get you killed in America and around the world

We also had no clue while very young that sexual orientation or culture could get us killed.  While we grew we picked up the clues that told us how the real world worked.  We were taught how to hate and love regardless if we wanted to hear it or not.  We were told how to hurt or love others, but they gave it different names some derogatory and called it just, "it's just how this family rolls", or "rule of thumb," and "just how things are run".  Throw your beliefs out there, and say them enough times around a child, or to a child, and the child has it baked in their beliefs.  By the time he/she is a teenager, they are repeating the same beliefs. Put some muscle behind what you believe and the kid will never question. The child as you say those words will never question a word being right or wrong because you are the adult/parent in the room.  Those same beliefs passed on by decades of friends, family, and even the Church did more harm than good or were the best thing the child could ever hear. The big thing is that a small group does raise the child, but how many family members know what their community is actually pushing/teaching to their children?  What if the child himself or she has feelings unlike your own and never mentions it?

 Learning how the world ticked decades ago were just as important as our present day. Knowing our past is critical to making sense of the present. You can only fix the harm if you know how it happened in the first place.  Finally, you must own your own words, and admit the harm you have done, or failed to fix. And then apologize.  Or you thank your lucky stars that you raised your child(ren) right. Most importantly is if you have the opportunity, not around the so-called adults in the room spreading the bigotry, then explain to the child there are choices for people and bigotry is not one of them in this household, or at home. The good news is we do have many families teaching their children that bigotry is not permitted in their families, and why it's not permitted.

The Human History of Hate

We should look back at those years and wow there was a lot of hating going on.  It wasn't just sexual orientation.  It was skin color,  career choice, culture, religion, the poor, the rich, political affiliation, immigrants, gender, LGBTQ, disabled, today it is no different and there is now today even a group that is fairly newly started that is trying to bring back male power.  They believe; "Those women are getting way too smug in their new roles at the top, so it's time to bring them back down a peg or two, to their real role and that the role is the subjugation of women."  /shakes head


 Quoting from the site:  Male supremacy is an ideology with many faces. Its unifying thread is virulent, at times violent misogyny, and the practice of blaming women and a large feminist conspiracy for the ills of (mostly white) men today.

It's not all men though, blame some on a few Churches too and most that do believe in men of power love control.   But I am going to go one further here today with my post... 

Governments have done little to stop the hate and do much to put the blame on the public every time today something bad happens.   But they also have a nice take on words.  "We didn't mean everyone was equal we just mean our shortlist.  Take for instance the many ways our Government officials do their best to keep control.  The abortion laws springing up in our State are one issue.  They outlaw abortion and then take away any aide that will help these new mothers taking care of their newborns.  Why?  Because women showed some power by winning seats in Congress, so god forbid they run offices in their States.  Gotta control these women!  Us white men have been calling the shots for over a hundred years I will be damned if they will be changing anything!

The other they like to call crap is mainly blamed on free speech, for those at the top some would like to get rid of.  They blame it on why the Town Halls were shut down.  People complained so they shut down the Town halls so they didn't have to listen to the complaints. They blame it on everyone but the Government, but I blame all of it on the bureaucrats.  But they were hating too!  For decades they were the worst of the worst of the male chauvinistic pigs on this planet!  With their noses in the air looking all coy, and not a care in the world.

Abuse of Power

They separated the black from the white!  They did god awful testing on the poor and black people.  They degraded and forced black men to prove they were equal in WW2 and then sent them back to America to be hanged in trees! They knew it was happening and they did nothing.   I don't care what any person has told you we will never ever have the real number of those lynched in the U.S.   We had black families back then that had family members that disappeared off the face of this earth and they never knew what happen to them.   Just like we will never ever have the real number of immigrants that lost their children coming to the U.S., and we never will know how many immigrants lost their lives when they were shipped back to their countries of origin.  Because the White House is full of,  "I don't care" people. 

When hate is being spewed from the lips of our Government officials when they speak or create new laws, or enforce the new Jim Crow laws they are literally giving the green light to ordinary citizens to hate too.  This is also one reason why so many believe it is Okay to hate in America.

The United States has long offered a promise of opportunity and safety to arriving immigrants. We work to ensure that our country safeguards that promise and to ensure that immigrants are treated fairly, equally, and with dignity.


Anti-LGBTQ homicides almost doubled in 2017
A new report finds that at least 52 queer people were killed due to their gender identity or sexual orientation last year; political climate blamed.

New FBI Statistics Show Alarming Increase in Number of Reported Hate Crimes

Far-Right Extremists Are Calling for Terrorism on the Messaging App Telegram June 27, 2019
Neo-Nazis, white nationalists and antigovernment extremists are publishing volumes of propaganda advocating terrorism and mass shootings on Telegram, a Hatewatch review of hundreds of channels on that app reveals.

What is a systemic privilege?

Sign with the American flag "We want white tenants in our white community," directly opposite the Sojourner Truth homes, a new U.S. federal housing project in Detroit, Michigan. A riot was caused by white neighbors' attempts to prevent African American tenants from moving in.

The term is commonly used in the context of social inequality, particularly concerning age, disability, ethnic or racial category, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and social class. Three common examples involve having access to a higher education, healthcare, and housing.

‘Systemic racism is a system of advantage based on race.’ In the United States of America, within this systemic racism, whites are the advantaged and use this system to defend their racial advantage. This definition of racism explains how whites have access to better housing, employment, and even education. Even though whites may be benefiting from racism, that does not mean that whites are overtly practicing their prejudice beliefs. It can be intentional as well as unintentional.

I see it as a human being meant to survive, but not to thrive.  You can see this first hand in Alabama.  This state along with its couple of neighboring States do hardly anything to help their poor, but it is different degrees of it.   What they do well is lock em up.  What they do wrong is turn their backs on their own citizens, and ignore the carnage they created by denying their citizens a decent wage, healthcare, and a good education in all of their counties, and not just a select few.  Some are living in filth others are actually living in cesspools.  A State Department official was asked about it, and he made it sound as though those living around those areas were fine with it.  The truth is the State refuses to fix it. Those living there in the mess haven't the money to move.  There was years ago I heard of something similar.  I don't know if it is the same place or not.  What I do know is that the State and Counties believe the people deserve what they get handed. When you put obstacles in the way and dare people to do better and then say they deserve it...well that sounds like to me that you are creating the problem.  You see if you are human you wouldn't permit another human being to live like that.



There is a lot of this going on in the United States.  The U.S. is full of it and even the Government practice separating people into groups, and then they find reasons to trash talk them, while they take the stuff away that helps them to thrive.  In all honesty, as much as I have read on this topic if there was any way to force a State to comply with raising wages and fixing, education, and cleaning up conditions I would do it.

Those Housing Projects


When the housing boom happened States everywhere started building housing projects so everyone could have a roof over their heads.  Then you heard the words welfare trash, slums, wrong side of the tracks, ghetto, quarters, Harlem, and Helltown.  By the time the late 1970's arrived the projects were dumps for drug users, that were mostly black.  At least that was the talk anyways.  There are 1,125 names for the Black areas of town around America.   I can't name them all here.  But can you name me a few of those famous white neighborhoods?  You can't get through a week without seeing a couple of these derogatory names in the news, and all of them are centered around the black communities. We hear more of them depriving the public than we hear about the ones doing without because their State Government is trashing the program, or programs.  When the people shout our Government points fingers and calls the public names and then they pounce because "how dare you to question how things are run!"  Just get off your ass and go to work you lazy bum!  Meanwhile, they are losing busing to good jobs in their communities, Have long lost childcare for their 30-month-old, so either a parent or Grandma takes care of the little one, and after school, programming ended for the teens. Good grocery stores pulled out of poor neighborhoods or never ever considered. and it's all the black people fault. or so they say.

Names or nicknames for the part of a town where the poorer people, special groups, or foreign groups live

Subsidized apartment buildings, often referred to as housing projects, have a complicated and often notorious history in the United States. While the first decades of projects were built with higher construction standards and a broader range of incomes and the same applicants, over time, public housing increasingly became the housing of last resort in many cities. Several reasons have been cited for this negative trend including the failure of Congress to provide sufficient funding, a lowering of standards for occupancy, and mismanagement at the local level. Furthermore, housing projects have also been seen to greatly increase concentrated poverty in a community, leading to several negative externalities. Crime, drug usage, and educational underperformance are all widely associated with housing projects, particularly in urban areas.

The thing is though I believe if the US Government had of kept up their part of the bargain, and insisted that the housing be kept up regardless, clean always and inspected religiously none of this slum name-calling would have happened in these neighborhoods.  It was the Feds that decided to reduce funding to the States, and then the States continuously reduced funding to the housing and education authorities. They never stopped, as soon as they saw they had a way to get out of the financing they went all out and destroyed education and housing, and now today we have no affordable decent housing, and education is suffering because no one can afford decent staff and keep the buildings up to code. And now they are going after other programs that help the poor.  Even HUD is suffering from lack of funding in my area we have several HUD buildings in bad shape most would not pass inspection in the '80s or even early 2000, and we owe this all to a Government system that doesn't care anymore.  You want it fixed you have to go after the Federal and State levels. But that is no guarantee, and I hope you love the list because the building or buildings are going on one so good luck with that.

GOP gets yelled at and does their own style of yelling because they want to get rid of welfare and they do

Shouting match on Pa. Senate floor

How this cash assistance mess started

 You don't hear about this stuff in the news unless you look hard for it, and you always have someone pushing truth while the Government is calling them all liars even when there is plenty of proof.  When I mean Government I mean Local, State and Federal could be pushing this crap. and they are always backed up by each other.  I blame it on the Lawmakers because they have done much in the US to rip this country apart.

Excuse me but you can't have that!

Forbes said it best:  How much did fraud grow? It jumped to $592.7 million in 2016, up to a staggering 61% from $367.1 million in 2012, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (See Table 46 in the report.) The monetary figures are "Fraud Dollars Determined By Investigations." In other words, these figures are based on identified incidents. In 2016, the number of fraud investigations totaled 963,965, up more than 30% from 2012. (Side note: Almost half of those investigations were in New York State, according to the report.)

Several money handlers from different areas all said none of this would have happened if the States would just raise the wages, increase funding for necessary programs.  Our Prisons would empty if people could make a decent wage. Housing projects wouldn't have a waiting list if people had good jobs that paid fair wages.  Parents could have one job instead of two, three or four.

The point is crime would drop like a  rock if State and Federal would for at least once shown it has a beating heart that cares for its citizens.

The sad note to all of this is that I believe taking on these several jobs will take a toll on our children.  When the parents are busting it twelve to sixteen hours a day someone else is raising the children not them.

If you ask why it's happening everyone says it happens because States want to call people lowlifes.  They want to take everything away and give it to the top business, and state offices, and CEO.  They don't want to help the poor.  They don't want to help the poor because a majority they believe is black.  But they are not.  Regardless of whom they believe is collecting food stamps and a check right now it is working people not able to support a family on two part-time jobs or more.  ...and I don't care what color they are getting off your ass and help them because you helped create this damn problem!

What does this have to do with people name-calling and being racist?

In the past, they did the same thing, and history always repeats itself.  They just change the rules. When the whites got poor and poorer they blamed it on the blacks and burned them out of town.  Basically, they never blamed the Government even though it was their own Government fault.  State and Federal were to blame, and cities were too because they did nothing to stop it.  It will happen again because we are headed in that direction.  But something tells me it will be the rich neighborhoods that get burned down because people are sick of it. The big question is; "How rich is rich?"

Black communities destroyed because they were more successful than white ones.

On fraud, the USDA says the following:

    In SNAP, fraud is typically defined as the exchange of benefits for cash or other ineligible items (trafficking) or purposefully misrepresenting information on your SNAP application to receive benefits that you are not entitled to or more benefits than you are entitled to receive. In simple terms, if you swapped your benefits for cash, etc., or lied about your income or assets, then that's a fraud. The fraud totals include what would have been given as a benefit if it had gone undetected, or what the government could recover, the USDA says. However, what is fascinating is that the jump in fraud coincided with a 5% drop in the number of people who received the benefit, to an average total of 44.2 million people, down from 46.6 million, according to the government data. If fraud were a fixed percentage, then we'd expect it to fluctuate with the number of people enrolled, but it didn't. Instead, it jumped while the number of people enrolled in the program dwindled.

  Are they really committing fraud because they have run out of other legit law biding options?  Because as I said above they are slashing programs I believe that is what is going on.  If you hurt a nation of people eventually they grow tired of trying.  They don't give a damn about anything except for what is inside their home, and what is going on there.  The Government can go to hell.  But they also get desperate.

Should taxpayers be worried? Nope.  If you are concerned, then consider the following. The total cost of the SNAP benefits disbursed in 2016 was $66.5 billion, down from $74.6 billion in 2012. Those are significant figures because America is a big country.
When compared with those total figures, the fraud identified in 2016 amounted to a mere 0.9% of the total. That was up from 0.5% in 2012. Or put another way, 99% of the benefit dollars were in no way associated with fraud, assuming that the government is doing its job of identifying malfeasance. If the fraud figure continues to grow at the same rate, then there is a real problem, but so far not so much.  The thing to worry about is funding.  The funding drops every year now, and States said if they had it their way all those social programs will be gone.  They are trashing them as fast as they can including any help you can get for healthcare.  So instead of being pissed at your boss or babysitter take a hard long look at your Government.  You need to know this so next time when the Government is pointing fingers you know the truth.  They created this monster and everyone tends to ignore the beast in the room.


(bare with me all of this ties in together)

 You need to know that the U.S. bigotry was loud and it has never gone way.  Bigotry just followed the very first arrivals on the ships from Europe, and then escalated.   The white race in The U.S. put the prison in the way for many people that were not white English speaking men.  They form the beginning of the U.S. used their power to strip people of their dignity, their cultures, and their freedom all because of who they were.  Then the white people took their privilege away from them from that day forward, and it would be decades before black men and women had any sense of power again over themselves, and their own children.  But the power was never really meant to be for anyone including the Indians.  It was always for those at the top that had the means to stop the abuse and slavery in the United States.   All they had to do was say no in the beginning and make a point that we are better than that.  They didn't they called everyone other than white savages.


Around 30 American Indians from seven tribes joined Rodman Wanamaker, with top hat, at the groundbreaking for a planned National American Indian Memorial on Staten Island in New York City in 1913. Wikipedia

The first bunch trashed was the American Indians. In the United States through the late 1800s, the federal government took more than 1.5 billion acres from Native Americans.  As Native Americans’ homelands were seized, they were forced into reservations. Today, many Native Americans live in reservations. These are self-governing, which means they’re not subject to state laws, but they’re not quite sovereign nations, either.

The trail of tears are one you know about, others showing their rights as a people were promised freedom and their own land, but the white men didn't want to be having anything to do with them anymore so they brought blankets into the Indian camps that were rubbed down with the measles disease and then gave them to the Indians as a good gesture.   They wiped out tribes doing this. Through wars, forced displacement (such as the Trail of Tears), and the imposition of treaties, the land was taken. The loss of land often resulted in hardships for Native Americans. In the early 18th century, the English had enslaved nearly 800 Choctaws Indians.  White people even went into the Indian tribes and told them their children must learn the white man's way.  They forced this on the children.  Stripping them of their tribal clothing, cutting their hair, and putting them in school forced to only speak English.

Interactive Time-Lapse Map Shows How the U.S. Took More Than 1.5 Billion Acres From Native Americans

After the creation of the United States, the idea of Indian removal gained momentum. However, some Native Americans chose or were allowed to remain and avoided removal were after they were subjected to official racism. The Choctaws in Mississippi described their situation in 1849, "we have had our habitations torn down and burned, our fences destroyed, cattle turned into our fields and we have been scourged, manacled, fettered and otherwise personally abused, until by such treatment some of our best men have died." Joseph B. Cobb, who moved to Mississippi from Georgia described the Choctaws as having "no nobility or virtue at all," and in some respect he found blacks, especially native Africans, to be more interesting and admirable, the red man's superior in every way. The Choctaw and Chickasaw, the tribes he knew best, were beneath contempt, that is, even worse than black slaves.

Today Indian reservations are some of the poorest places in the US to live.  Much has to do with how the Federal Government set the reservations up in the first place.  Education is sparse, healthcare sparse,  Land ownership hasn't been in existence for very long.

Why are Indians so poor?

Black Americans 

Then you have the black race threat that was treated worse than dirt on the ground for decades. First, as they were slaves, and after they were freed, slaves.  It never stopped, they burned them out of their homes after they were freed, slaves. They lynched the black people with the most stupid of excuses one reason was for looking at a white woman and when the black race showed prosperity they killed and burned them out of their cities in record numbers. Jim Crow and Black Codes laws were created.  Chain gangs popped up over the south, and a black man or woman could go to work prison camps for years for a two-dollar debt.

In the late summer and autumn of 1919, racial tensions became violent and came to be known as the Red Summer. This period of time was defined by violence and prolonged rioting between blacks and whites in major United States cities. The reasons for this violence vary. Cities that were affected by the violence included Washington D.C., Chicago, Omaha, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Elaine, Arkansas, a small rural town 70 miles (110 km) southwest of Memphis.
The race riots peaked in Chicago, for the most violence and death occurred there during the riots. According to The Negro in Chicago; a study of race relations and a race riot, an official report from 1922 on race relations in Chicago, came to the conclusion that there were many factors that led to the violent outbursts in Chicago. Principally, many blacks were assuming the jobs of white men who went to go fight in World War I. As the war ended in 1918, many men returned home to find out their jobs had been taken by black men who were willing to work for far less. By the time the rioting and violence had subsided in Chicago, 38 people had lost their lives, with hundreds more injured. In other cities across the nation many more had been affected by the violence of the Red Summer. The Red Summer enlightened many of the growing racial tension in America. The violence in these major cities prefaced the soon to follow the Harlem Renaissance, an African-American cultural revolution, in the 1920s.

Hundreds died across America for reasons that black people had no control of.  It wasn't their fault they took those jobs.  Maybe they were told to fill them if they could, or because someone had too.  For others, it was out of necessity.  Had to work so they could eat.


  Then it was hell to pay! City blocks of people what was left of them left homeless. The several States saw this first hand. White people so full of hate that they didn't know that being poor was what was really killing them and it wasn't caused by the black people it was caused by their local and Federal Governments.   People so full of hate they don't realize their poverty is caused by their not paying attention to who really is benefiting from their poverty.  When States take away from the poor the States win the money, and the people at the top get paid well. Meanwhile, more and more citizens suffer.  The money saved goes towards their special interest.  The States today claim it is the poor siphoning the people. No, they are not.  The States say they are abusing the system.  No, they are not. They are only guilty of being the largest number of non-white citizens in the U.S. that are first to lose benefits, first to go to jail, first to be homeless, first to lose funding in education, and first to lose healthcare.  Truth be told what little fraud going on in the US amounted to in the single-digit percentage, and if you spread that across each state, it is pennies.  Meanwhile the States and the Feds they point at cultures calling them all a thief, and the biggest thief we have yesteryear and today is our Federal Government.

The other black WallStreet's

 Jews in Germany

Next, you have the Jews in Germany and the U.S. people took a stand 60+% said they didn't want to help the Jews, and not even the children. The fact is most Western countries regarded the plight of Jewish refugees with skepticism or unveiled bigotry. No matter the alarming rhetoric of [Adolf] Hitler's fascist state — and the growing acts of violence against Jews and others — popular sentiment in Western Europe and the United States was largely indifferent to the plight of German Jews.
Yup World War I even inspired an outbreak of nativism and the xenophobia that targeted German immigrants, Americans of German descent and even the German language. German-born Robert Prager was lynched in Collinsville, Ill., in 1918. Some Germans and German-Americans were attacked during World War I. It was a remarkable reversal of fortune. Germans were the largest non-English-speaking minority group in the U.S. at the time. The 1910 census counted more than 8 million first- and second-generation German-Americans in the population of 92 million. There were still more German-American families that had been in the country longer, many since Colonial times. They were Catholics and Protestants, Lutherans and Mennonites, Jews and free thinkers of no religion at all.  The only reason they were treated like low life is that white men could treat them bad and get away with it.  Plus no one stopped this carnage before it got out of hand.  Including our own Government.

Image from page 250 of "History of German immigration in the United States and successful German-Americans and their descendants" (1908)



Chinese immigrants first flocked to the United States in the 1850s, eager to escape the economic chaos in China and to try their luck at the California gold rush. When the Gold Rush ended, Chinese Americans were considered cheap labor.
They easily found employment as farmhands, gardeners, domestics, laundry workers, and most famously, railroad workers. In the 1860s, it was the Chinese Americans who built the Transcontinental Railroad. By the 1870s, there was widespread economic depression in America and jobs became scarce. Hostility had been growing toward the Chinese American workers. By 1882, things got so bad that Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, virtually banning all Chinese immigration into the United States. It was only in 1943, when China became America's ally in World War II, that congress finally repealed the Exclusion Act.  IN other words, the people of the U.S. blamed all their problems on the Chinese, and it wasn't lifted until the American people and the Government realized they needed  Chinese help during World war II.  So all of a sudden they liked the Chinese. Selective convenience anyone?


Japanese were not spared either, and their plight in the U.S. is following along with the plight of immigrants today.  Back in WW2 Japanese were rounded up all over the US and held in internment camps.  The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II was the forced relocation and incarceration in concentration camps in the western interior of the country of between 110,000 and 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, most of whom lived on the Pacific coast. Their treatment was the same as today to the immigrants.  They were kept in isolated camps located in areas hard to get too or leave.  mountains, water, desert, and isolation were key to the US picking the areas.  Any type of toiletries and food was kept to a minimum.  Enough to survive.  The only differences and I hope this is so, is that today you don't have AR-15s pointed into the camps. Today they claim those immigrants are illegals, and in WW2 the Japanese were American Citizens.   Are they really illegals in today's camps?  Word is going around that there are Americans in those Camps and many have asked for asylum but ignored and thrown into the camps anyways.

Japanese Americans Were Jailed at Ft. Sill During WWII. Now Trump Wants to Cage Migrant Kids There

Hayward, California. "Members of the Mochida family awaiting evacuation bus. Identification tags are used to aid in keeping the family unit intact during all phases of evacuation. Mochida operated a nursery and five greenhouses on a two-acre site in Eden Township. He raised snapdragons and sweet peas."

  If you want to stop what is happening in the U.S. today then speak up.  Shout it from the rooftops if you have too.  But don't let the U.S. fall back to One of the events above.  We are better than this.  We are all Americans and a select group of people should not be able to turn the U.S. into a country of hate.  Start at the top and work down.  Tell the Government we will not be a Nation of hate.  Everyone inside our borders will have an equal chance to thrive. No Government has a right to tell a Trans they have no rights in America.  No Government has a right to tell a person that a bigot has more rights than you do.


Word is that a few states have updated their laws so that black men and women won't be locked up while driving black for petty crimes.  They are trashing the laws that have always favored going after cultures that are other than white.  One is the automatic sealing of an ex-offender's record of lower-level non-violent crimes from public disclosure for someone who has been conviction-free for 10 years.  Another is legalizing pot or legalizing a certain amount a person can carry or have in their home.  If you want to see which States are not stopping the abuse of power in their states then look no further than at how many new prisons they plan to build, new laws on the books meant to lock more people up, and programs meant not to really help prisoners.  Today's lawmakers do much to cover up the problems with old laws than try to fix the old laws or get rid of them.  These are your 60+ old white men and women set in their ways.  You tell them what is wrong and they let it go in one ear and out the other.  It's their way or bust.  Their most famous excuses are, "It's what the people want."  Even if the people are in front of them screaming NO!  I say get rid of the men and women who don't vote for the things the people want and vote on those humanitarians because they help people and the planet.

 We should then move forward. Our children want to be astronauts, explorers, scientists, and artists.  They want to astound the world with their music, or help get rid of a dreadful disease.  They want to serve people.  They don't want a stranger picking their career because they are not white, or rich enough.  They don't strive to be poor because someone tells them that it will be what they will always be.

They don't want to live their days in fear of walking home from school, or the neighborhood store because they are Trans.  No one wants another person calling the shots if a family gets to eat or not.  oh... How dare you even think for one second that I am not American enough for you just because I am bilingual or I only speak a foreign language.

Please don't ask me anymore on any type of form what race I am.  and lets all of us get off our butts and let us make America number one for education for all, healthcare for all, and good wages for all. Plus wipe out bigotry by opening the programs to everyone as long as they are making the grade, etc.  Because I never said while I was growing up, "I want to be poor when I grow up!"  I am just as American as you are.  I am just as capable.  I am white, Asian, European, African American,  Native Indian, Asian, Middle East, but actually, I am or could be many cultures all in one. Most of all I am an American.  Therefore I am America! Get off your butt it is not just you that is special. Every one of us here today is special because we are all Americans.  It is what many countries people want to be, and why they die trying to get here.  Don't allow their travel to America to be no better than what they left behind.

A good person who really loves God will love their neighbor too.

Resources and Sources: 

BOOK: This celebration of Black resistance, from protests to art to sermons to joy, offers a blueprint for the fight for freedom and justice -- and ideas for how each of us can contribute.

This is a really good book and I receive no proceeds from it.  

Many of us are facing unprecedented attacks on our democracy, our privacy, and our hard-won civil rights. If you're black in the US, this is not new. As Colorlines editors Akiba Solomon and Kenrya Rankin show, Black Americans subvert and resist life-threatening forces as a matter of course. In these pages, leading organizers, artists, journalists, comedians, and filmmakers offer wisdom on how they fight White supremacy. It's a must-read for anyone new to resistance work, and for the next generation of leaders building a better future.

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